Best Foods to Give Your Teething Toddler

Best foods to give your teething toddler

Taking care of your child is one of the toughest, but most rewarding jobs in the world. Part of raising children means teaching them right from wrong. Being a parent can also mean countless sleepless nights and a lot of nappies. But most of all, parenting involves raising a happy and healthy child.

Children begin getting their first teeth around 7 to 11 months of age. It is a painful process where your little one might cry uncontrollably at night and may even stop eating. While some parents turn to metaphysical elements, such as the healing properties of amber gemstones, others may opt for over-the-counter medications for assistance with pain management.

Whatever way you choose to handle the situation, it is important for you to know the right foods to feed your kids during this ordeal, as to avoid causing them further distress while maintaining their health and well-being. Listed below are some food items that have been reported to be both nutritious and comforting for your baby during the teething process. Read more

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Toys for Your Baby

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Toys for Your Baby - toys for boys

There are countless choices available when one visits the kid’s aisle in a shopping mall. There are multiple fuzzy little stuffed toys, some manly plastic solider kits, shiny card and train sets and colourful educational books with in-built sensory learning equipment. What makes it so hard for parents to pick one is that every toy insists it’s the best. Your little one would love cars, soldiers, puzzles and stuffed toys alike. So what to get him as a present for his birthday?

We understand the dilemma all parents put themselves through when they go shopping for toys for boys, which is why, we are going to leave you with some tips and tricks to choose the best for your child. Consider these 5 questions as a means to guide you to choose between the countless toys you see.

  1. How Many Parts Does It Have?

As a parent, you may be included towards getting your little boy a puzzle or a Lego set, but before you do, think about all the pieces it comes with. The more they are, the likelier the chances of them getting misplaced or worse, get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. So, the first tip? Choose toys that come with limited parts so that the toy doesn’t become useless in case one gets lost.

  1. Is It Safe To Leave Your Child Alone With?

Although, most of the toys are safe to leave your child with, it depends on how age-appropriate they are. Even if your child has outgrown the age of taking everything into the mouth, if you believe he might do it again when left alone, it is best that you don’t choose toys that come with components small enough to be swallowed. Secondly, you also need to ensure that they don’t make you or the kid utter profanities out of pain when sat on or walked upon. Lastly, also see that the toy can’t be used to hit others in case of a fight between a younger and older sibling.

  1. Does It Get On Your Nerves?

Is it a rattle or a multi-sensory toy that sings aloud a song whenever touched? Technically, the sound of both shouldn’t get on your nerves because that will most probably be the only sound you will hear in your head when taking a shower, doing the dishes or sleeping. If you think you will be okay with that kind of noise for at least a week or until your kids gets bored of the toy, you can purchase it.

  1. Does It Do More Than A Single Thing?

It should do more than just light up or sing. If the goal is to keep your kid engaged in it for a few hours, it is best that to get something that comes with multiple in-built sensors. These toys come highly recommended for the kids with special needs as they help them reduce stress and stop unwanted behaviours etc.

  1. Does It Boost Learning?

A toy may make noises or light up, but unless it stimulates your child’s brain and boosts learning and creativity, don’t invest in it. The cost of raising a child can be in thousands which is why smart buying should always be focused on. Choose toys that help your child learn new things. Let the toy help the child solve some problems or allow for some creative juices to flow.

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Little House of Science – Classes for Curious Minds

Jacob is at that age now where it feels like he asks 500 questions a day, about anything and everything. He is such a curious little person, and with his brother wanting to do everything he does, he is closely following in his footsteps. We do a lot of learning activities and crafts at home but one thing we don’t really focus on is science.

Of course, we encounter science absolutely everywhere in our everyday lives and unless we start teaching our children about it from a young age, they just think things “work”. Obviously there is science behind how everything works but I must admit, science wasn’t my favourite subject at school and I have limited knowledge so I’m not the best equipped to teach my children about it. Read more

Weaning faces and an Organix giveaway #realfoodface (CLOSED)

Weaning faces Organix giveaway

With my boys being two and four years old now, we are way past the weaning stage but I still remember those first weaning faces like they were yesterday! When we first started weaning Jacob, we started on purees but gradually moved to baby led weaning and we used many Organix products. I will admit, if I gave J a new food and he pulled a face and/or spat it out, I probably wouldn’t try him with it again and I think it turned him into a fussy eater!

A weaning survey carried out by Organix showed that over half of mums were put off encouraging their baby to try a new food after the first time because of faces they pulled. As a new mum I did feel quite discouraged when J wouldn’t try new foods introduced to him and it did become quite stressful as I thought he was never going to eat anything I gave him! The one food that was quite popular with J to begin with though was banana; I think possibly because it was soft, and he could mush it about in his hands which is always fun for a baby! Read more

Giveaway – Twistshake baby bottle (CLOSED)

Now Noah has stopped having a bottle at bed time, we have given up bottles completely and the last one has recently been thrown away – it feels like the end of an era! We always used basic baby bottles with both boys but I wish the Twistshake brand had been around when we were bottle feeding as it would have made it a much more fun experience! I love the colours which are great for older babies and sensory processing.

The great features of Twistshake baby bottles include

  • BPA-free polypropelene plastic
  • anti-colic nipple
  • super-mixer that resolves any lumps in the formula
  • powder box to store formula, fruit, crackers, etc.
  • easy to clean and easy gripping
  • bright colours meaning with more than one bottle you can create your own combinations!

I’m happy to be able to offer you the chance to win your very own Twistshake baby bottle! All you need to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!

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Giveaway – BabySteps Scratch-Off calendar (CLOSED)

At the moment we are two babies up (plus our angel of course) with no plans for more in the foreseeable future. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, I really do – otherwise I wouldn’t have had any… – but in a kind of bittersweet way I am glad that the baby days are ending and we can have so many adventures together now. I do occasionally get broody, but if I get really desperate I could just borrow a baby, right?

I don’t think there is ever a time when one of my friends is not pregnant; so many have had babies recently or are expecting very soon, and I really do love watching their pregnancy journey’s, and then of course the baby journey’s and the overload of gorgeously adorable photos! (That is when I get broody).

After two babies, I far from consider myself an expert on the topic – I’m still clueless at some things and just wing it really! But when people ask for advice, I do try and help in any way I can as I know how hard it is being a first-time parent and not leaving the hospital with an instruction manual – heck, even with subsequent babies!

The BabySteps scratch off calendar doesn’t claim to be an expert at babies & parenting either, but it does provide parents-to-be with a different fact or tip for each day of pregnancy. The fun is in the scratching off of each day to discover what is underneath, so kind of a cross between an advent calendar and a scratchcard, but you get the greatest reward at the end – a tiny human!

It’s something I have never seen before and I would have loved to have received one of these during either of my pregnancies, but alas…

You can find out more about the brand here or purchase a calendar on Amazon, but I do also have one to give away to a lucky reader – just enter via the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!

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St John Ambulance #thechokeables awareness campaign | Giveaway (CLOSED)

I was deeply saddened recently to hear the news of the little boy who died from choking on a grape. Unfortunately though, this isn’t an isolated incident as children choking on food is more common than you think. 40% of parents asked by St John Ambulance have witnessed their baby choking, with almost four-fifths not knowing what to do in such a situation.
We may be one of those parents that thinks “Oh it will never happen to my children”, but what if it did? Would you know how to deal with a choking incident? I must admit, before this I myself haven’t been aware but it’s one of those things I should have learned from the beginning, from before having children.

Read more

Little man N at 1 year 5 months old

So, as it was with J’s last update, it’s been a while since I last posted one for N too – which was his 1 year 3 month old one so a couple of months ago now. Since then he has really transformed into a proper little toddler and forever left babyhood behind! Though J still calls him his little baby N, bless him 🙂

He’s slowly growing out of his bed time milk too; he often doesn’t finish the bottle and instead just fights sleep, he’s just like his big brother in that respect. He loves his milk on his cereal in the morning though! He is still an absolute gannet and stuffs his face all day long, constantly making a mess…though he is starting to level out a bit now and is losing his baby fat. I love him chubby though! He definitely knows what he wants these days as he’s started pointing and saying ‘that’ – now just to practice please and thank you! One thing he does love to do is pick blackberries at Grandad’s (soon to be our home too), and he is so clever as he knows which colour to pick.

He has really found his feet now and can just about grasp running, though it is usually after his brother when he’s taken something he wants! Speaking of wanting what J has, he really does want to be just like him too. He even gets J’s pants from his drawer and tries putting them on which is quite funny to watch! He helps when getting him dressed now, with lifting his arms, legs, and feet up, and he fetches his shoes too when he knows we are going out; that is as well as climbing in the pushchair himself, he’s certainly an eager beaver!

Also on the animal theme… He is also a proper cheeky little monkey. He is obsessed with climbing – whether it be on the windowsill, the table, the back of the sofa, the TV unit, the tumble dryer door, attempting the side of his cot – he just will not stop! He is a little tease too, he will fetch something for you, hold it out, then snatch it away again with a grin and a chuckle when you go to get it. But it is so flaming adorable!

Current favourites
Food – Babybel cheese
Drink – Weak squash
Toys – Bouncy rabbit
Books – Any he can get his hands on

New words

Little man N at 1 year 3 months old

It seems N wants to be more & more like his big brother every day. Though there are almost two years between them it doesn’t feel like it sometimes as N is catching up with J so quickly. I still refer to N as a ‘boddler’ at the moment but soon I will need to start referring to him as a fully fledged toddler – I just don’t want to as I refuse to be the owner of two toddlers! (One will soon be a pre-schooler anyway…).

Since N’s last update I actually managed to take him to get weighed. He weighed 27lb 8oz, meaning he has gained 3.5lb since November. He is plodding along nicely on the 98th centile too; I seem to give birth to small babies that grow into chubby boddlers! He is still a milk monster and when he has pyjamas on and hears the microwave ping, he knows it’s bottle & bed time and practically runs to his bedroom with Daddy!

Following on from that, he is a brilliant walker now and his walking is actually just progressing to running, though he doesn’t realise his own speed sometimes and ends up falling over his feet. Him & J love chasing each other up & down the hall so I think he’ll be a fully fledged runner soon! He copies practically everything J does, he wants to be just like him. It is a bit scary sometimes as it will be something N can’t physically do as he doesn’t see danger (like climbing, hence the numerous scratches and bruises I mentioned last time) but I’m really not complaining about the part where he wants to help clean like J…

He is such a greedy little piglet and is constantly attempting to get in the cupboards, though they all have locks on them now but it doesn’t stop him trying! He has a new habit of standing at the fridge and pointing to it and grunting for food, and as soon as I open it he is straight in there. I think as long as we kept feeding him he would keep eating until he was sick! He is a great eater though so I suppose I can’t really complain, hopefully he won’t turn out to be as fussy as his brother. 

Current favourites
Food – Bananas
Drink – Milk
Toys – Plastic or cardboard boxes
Books – Train!

New words
Narna/Nanna (not sure which!)

Review & giveaway – 360° Junior Anywayup beaker (CLOSED)

J didn’t start using a beaker properly until he was around 18 months old – at three years old he has only just started using a cup regularly. Now, N wants to be exactly like his big brother and was always stealing his beaker so we got him his own, though he did take a while to get the hang of it but he pretty much always has one now. Now J uses a cup, of course N wants to be the same. That’s where the 360° Junior beaker from Anywayup comes in handy.

At only 14 months old I wasn’t sure whether N would take to it, but after some demonstration from his brother he has the hang of it. The unique point of this beaker is the circular valve system which allows the child to drink from any point around the beaker, just like with a normal cup, but with the lip on this one they can’t spill it.

The tapered shape of the beaker makes it really easy for N to hold even with his little hands. It looks heavy but it is quite light really. It is supposed to be non spill but we have found that this one does leak a little; but that is from N banging it on the floor by copying his brother! Used normally though it is absolutely fine, and it does come with a handy lid for even more protection especially when out & about. There are three parts to the lid and it comes apart easily for thorough cleaning.

Another thing I do like about this beaker is that with the lid off it can be used as an actual cup for when they have mastered it completely, or for older siblings like J. I love the bright colours it comes in too. A very worthwhile investment for toddlers who are wanting to use a cup but can’t quite get the hang of it.

The 360° Junior beaker retails at £5.95 and can be purchased from the Anywayup website.

Our rating – 4.5/5

We were sent this beaker free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

I’m pleased to be able to also offer one of you the chance to win one for your little one! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!

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