Anomaly scan

Yesterday we had our 20 week anomaly scan. I’m sure you all know by now that we wanted to find out the gender, and luckily baby had their legs uncrossed and let us see! Baby G is a…. BOY! Mummy’s instinct was right! (As was the old wives tales gender predictor, the astrological balance predictor, gender swaying BD timing, and the Baby Centre gender predictor) We are absolutely over the moon, I can’t stop smiling! Now, since I can remember, I always imagined myself having a baby girl, until I was actually pregnant, from about 6 or 7 weeks I knew he was a boy, just had that feeling…
Of course this scan was a detailed scan to check baby over too, and I’m delighted to say that he is growing well! Was amazing seeing him on the screen again, and when the sonographer told us he was a boy, I must admit I had a tear in my eye! Though at first baby had his hands over his eyes, he obviously didn’t want us to see him!
We have a name chosen for him, though we’re not telling anyone apart from family and Godparents until he’s born (though people keep asking)! Part of the reason being that it may change yet, but at this rate probably not as we can’t find any others that we like at the minute! Also, only a first name thus far, as we can’t find any we like that ‘go’ with his first name we have chosen, and our last name…
I’ve been feeling him move for a while now, since about 15 weeks, but today I’ve seen him from the outside – seen my belly move and felt him! Absolutely amazing! Now I can’t wait for his Daddy to see and feel (neither can Daddy, he’s getting impatient!), though he’ll probably be asleep when Daddy gets home from work!

Here he is!

21 weeks

(Slight TMI warning towards the end! Well maybe for you but not much is TMI for me!)

Today is the 21 weeks mark! I really cannot believe how fast it’s going!

Tomorrow is scan day, I’m sure it will have been well worth the wait when we get to see baby again! I’ve been doing the worrying thing again lately, that there’s going to be something wrong, but I’m sure everything is okay. Just want to make sure our baby is growing well and there’s nothing wrong. We’re on team finding out, if baby has his/her legs uncrossed and lets us see! I’m thinking team blue, hubby is thinking team pink! Have thought blue since about 6/7 weeks, so I’m hoping I’m right, NOT because I want a boy rather than a girl, just I don’t like being proven wrong! LOL. I will be absolutely over the moon if it is a girl, although shocked, as I’m adamant it’s a boy!

Not much to update this week, except that on Tuesday I had a slight embarrassing mishap involving breasts and a wet patch! Well, at first I noticed a dry patch, then had another look and a  wet patch! Oh my goodness! So glad I was at home and not out and about, that would have been MEGA embarrassing! I mean, I was expecting it of course, but not this early at 20+2! I told a friend and she said it was unusual this early, but not abnormal, so my body is still being a pain then!… (Insert rolling eyes smiley here)

Leaving you with my most recent bump pic at 20+5.

Boy or girl?

Gender prediction fun

I’m going to have a little bit of fun in this post with old wives tales & gender prediction, before our scan on Monday! (That’s if Baby G behaves and lets us see his/her gender of course!) Of course they’re not going to be accurate, like I say just a bit of fun… For the record, I think boy, hubby thinks girl…

Chinese Gender Chart

This is a chart on which you cross reference two things to determine the gender of your baby. For this chart though you must determine your Chinese age at time of conception, and the Chinese lunar month of conception, not your actual age and month of conception.  

My Chinese age was 26, and the lunar month was May (actual age was 24, actual month was June).

In this case, Baby G is a GIRL!

Old Wives Tales Gender Predictor

For this one, you must answer 15 questions based on old wives tales!

According to my answers, Baby G is a BOY! (67% chance)

(One of the questions was asking for baby’s heart rate, but I don’t know this so I just guessed, never mind!)

Wedding Ring Gender Prediction Method

This method involves tying a wedding ring (or pin or needle) to a piece of thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over your belly whilst lying down. If it swings in a circular motion, you are having a girl; if it swings in a pendulum you are having a boy.

My wedding ring swung in a circular motion, so we are having a GIRL!

Astrological balance predictor

This one involves entering a few details such as date, location & time of birth (I don’t know mine & hubby’s time of birth so it’s not completely accurate), and showing the balance between our astro-makeup.

According to this, we are most likely to produce BOYS!

Gender Prediction Calendar

This one involves just inputting the mother’s and father’s month and year of birth, and showing a calendar of conception (not birth) months, and the gender of the baby.

According to this one, we are having a GIRL!

Gender swaying

We didn’t gender sway, but I saw a friend post about this a while ago and thought I would look it up, to see what our ‘chances’ would be if we had done this. This obviously isn’t in detail, but there is more detail out there if it’s something you wish to do…

Diet – for a girl, the diet should be lower calorie and more dairy; for a boy, higher calorie and higher in salt content (though I wouldn’t advise a high salt content diet anyway!) 

At the time of conception I was controlling my weight and diet, and was eating a lower calorie diet and more dairy products, and less salt, so this one says GIRL!

Timing of BD’ing – for a girl, BD’ing should take place 72 hours before OV. For a boy, it should take place closer to OV. (I’m not going to go into the position factor for this one, a bit TMI there I think!)

As we conceived on clomid, I’m not 100% sure of when I OV’d, but looking at my cycle length, when I got my BFP and when we did BD, I’m taking this one as a BOY!

Baby Centre Gender Predictor 

This is a series of questions based on scientific studies rather than old wives tales etc. 
This one says we are more likely to have a BOY!

(Although interestingly this one says studies carried out amongst women who used hormones such as clomid to induce ovulation, show you are slightly more likely to have a girl.)

So,we have 4 that say GIRL, and 4 that say BOY! 

Which gender predictions did you do, and were they right or wrong?

Letter to my “belly bean”

Dear Belly Bean,

Your nickname was the affectionate name given to you by your virtual Auntie Kylie! I wanted to name you our little cupcake (I am obsessed with all things cupcake!), but she thought that was too cheesy! Daddy had ‘frog’ as a nickname for you, not because you look like a frog, but because I asked him what shall we give you as a nickname and the first thing that came out was ‘frog’! It stuck for a few weeks but I didn’t really like it! So now you are belly bean. 

I Iove you so much already, from the bottom of my heart, but I’m sure you know that already as you’re so close to it. You’ve made me cry throughout so far, from the moment I knew I was growing you inside of me, tears of pure joy, happiness & disbelief, I still don’t believe you’re in there now and ours, even though I’ve already seen you twice and you are making my belly grow by the day!

I cried a lot at 14 weeks when I was bleeding and cramping and I thought I was losing you, after everything we had been through. We had to go to the hospital to check you were still okay, we couldn’t hear your heartbeat but we saw you and your heartbeat on the screen and we were so relieved! Daddy gave you a stern talking to when we got home for worrying us both sick! I couldn’t feel you move yet so I wasn’t sure you were okay.

I cried again yesterday when I had a tiny bit of bleeding, I was worried of course but not as much as last time after everything turned out to be okay. I felt you move afterwards so I knew you were okay and comfy and cosy in there. 

Yesterday I turned 20 weeks pregnant, the half way mark of carrying you! By now we should be having our scan to check you are doing okay, and to find out if you’re a boy or a girl. I think you’re a boy, Daddy thinks you’re a girl! If you are a girl, we already have a name chosen for you; if you are a boy, we have a first name chosen for you, but not a middle one, but that doesn’t matter if we can’t decide on one! Unfortunately we have to wait until next week to see you again, a week today, but it will be all the more special when we do.

Now we have the next half of my pregnancy to look forward to, and need to buy things for your arrival! We already have a few bottles for you, a Moses basket, which was mine when I was a baby, a few clothes, we have some nappies which you are going to look adorable in! Your grandparents have a pram each for when you go and visit and stay, but we are getting your main one after Christmas! Talking of Christmas, your arrival will be that much closer after then, and next Christmas of 2012 will be the best Christmas ever. 

Mummy & Daddy can’t wait to meet you in person, our precious little baby.


Mummy (& Daddy)


20 weeks

So the following video has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy, but like me, it says “Ohh We’re half way there, Woah Livin’ on a prayer”! And I thought I would give you something to listen to! 

Yep, that’s us, half way through the pregnancy already! Where has the time gone?! Before we know it Christmas will be out of the way and Baby G will soon be arriving! 

This week I think my bump has been slowly expanding, and my boobs, have had to buy more bras for the second time, have gone up two cup sizes now! Not that husband minds of course… Have also bought some nice snuggly jumpers for the winter, went maternity clothes shopping but there’s nothing that I really like in the shops around here! I will leave that there as I will write about clothes in a future post. 

At the beginning of the week I slipped in the bath, nothing major, I just hurt under my armpit where I caught it on the side of the bath, ouch. I’ve been ever so clumsy lately, in the past 2-3 weeks I have cut myself (with a bread knife!) finger is still healing, nearly there now), burned myself twice, fell up the stairs twice, and then the bath incident! As well as at about 7 weeks when I slipped on the kitchen floor but managed to catch myself before I fell completely! (Clumsy episodes since being pregnant #’s 1-7)

Have also had a couple of strange dreams this week! I think the rude ones that I’ve been told all about have started! On Thursday, I dreamed that Jenson Button (British Formula 1 driver who I’m known to have a soft spot for, *blush*) was fondling my boobs! Oh my word! And then on Friday night, I dreamed I was on the train to visit my dear friend Kylie of Not Even A Bag Of Sugar fame. She was cooking enchiladas ready for my arrival, only she had told me to pop to the shop and buy some nachos! Then the train went through a tunnel, and on the other side was some land that was like a cross between Labyrinth and Narnia, complete with Hoggle! Totally & utterly random!

What strange pregnancy dreams have you encountered?