A patio makeover

Artificial grass

From the day we moved into our forever home, there was a lot of work we needed to do. Don’t get me wrong, my father-in-law built it up pretty much from scratch; but as he got older and after my mother-in-law passed away, he sort of ‘let it go’ and lost the will. And then, he passed also. But, it meant we got pretty much a blank canvas to build upon. Being a creative person, my head was overflowing with ideas. Especially after living in a flat for the previous five years, I was absolutely ecstatic to finally have not one garden, but three! Read more

Winning the Battle against Writer’s Block – Blogging Isn’t a Walk in the Park

Planning notebook

“All you do is just sit behind a computer all day, tapping away on your keyboard – it’s not hard.” – Sound familiar? Chances are, if you earn a living by working on a computer, someone has attempted to play down just how hard you actually work.

“You don’t do any actual work.”

“You’ve never done an honest day’s work before.”

“How can you be tired? All you’ve done is sitting down all day.”

No, all bloggers do is pull an idea out of thin air and write it down. Not to mention build up our websites, form a content strategy, marketing strategy, trawl through numerous requests and liaise with other bloggers and businesses while keeping on top of life in general. Read more

Chicken & broccoli pasta bake | Recipe (Slimming World friendly)

A pasta bake is a great staple meal for Slimming World members, and I’ve previously shared a few on the blog. This one doesn’t create a lot of washing up as there is no pre-cooking on the hob, of anything other than the pasta. It’s basically a “throw it all in, and sit back and wait” type of dish! I’ve used dried breadcrumbs to top this one instead of cheese; they just add an extra bit of crunch. Though you could top with cheese too if you like, using your healthy extra or synning it.  Read more

December Degustabox | Subscription Box Review

December Degustabox

Receiving the December Degustabox was like receiving an early Christmas present full of surprises. Only this particular present, I had to share. As usual, I was keen to tuck in as soon as it arrived! There was a good mix of food & drink, and both sweet & savoury inside, just in time for Christmas.

  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

So what was inside the December Degustabox?

December Degustabox contents
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Our December favourites | Parties, crafts, and food

Our December favourites - parties, crafts & food

Knock knock. Whispers.. Is anybody there?

Hello my loyal readers – long time, no speak! Or should that be write? Anyhow, it’s been a while. A very long one. I don’t think I’ve written ‘properly’ for over a month. I had planned to get everything crammed in before Christmas (was it a good one, by the way?), and then have a few days off, but neither of those plans went to, well, plan. But, I’m here now.

I realised when I came to write this that for the first time in 18 months; since I began these in fact, I missed a monthly favourites post. The one being, November. I was planning on doing a joint November-December one, but November seems so far behind now, that I thought I’d just start fresh.
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