Project 365 – Week 50 (days 341 – 347)

Day 341 / December 7th
This was actually taken in the early hours of Sunday as we had spent all night putting the tree and decorations up, though it had taken a little longer than expected as N woke up really upset and it took a while to settle him back down.

Day 342 / December 8th
I was taking photos of N and J decided to get up and join him and I got this shot – I love it!

Day 343 / December 9th
Mega Bloks are really popular here at the minute and N decided to have a go today.

Day 344 / December 10th
We went to a Christmas party at stay & play today so I decided to dig out J’s old snowman suit for N to wear.

Day 345 / December 11th
I saw someone post this wrapping paper on Facebook and I just knew I had to get some for my Peppa Pig obsessive – I finally managed to pick some up.

Day 346 / December 12th
Mega Bloks again and this time building a robot with J. We also visited Santa today but those photos will be in a separate post!

Day 347 / December 13th
The boys received their letters from Santa today – the first one for both of them!
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Toddler troubles – sibling jealousy?

I mentioned briefly in J’s last update that we are having a few problems with J’s behaviour towards his brother, which is really getting me down lately. I really don’t know where to start to be honest.

He started a couple of months ago, which thinking about it is coincidentally around the same time as N started moving about a lot more so requiring much more of my attention, meaning J getting a little less so most likely getting jealous.

First he started with smacking him on his head, then he started pushing him backwards when he was just sat there minding his own business. He’s thrown things at him; soft toys, hard toys. When he’s been laid down with me changing his nappy, he’s even kicked him or stamped on his head – I feel so bloody ashamed saying that.

I got to the point where I just thought – especially by other people’s reactions – what have I done wrong with him, how have I managed to make him behave like this, is it all my fault because I haven’t done the right things with him? I was starting to hate him; that is so hard to write, but he honestly felt like a devil child. I lost count of the number of times a day it would happen. I would be in tears every. single. day. Numerous times. I lost count of that, too.

It absolutely breaks my heart to watch. To watch my eldest son doing these things to his baby brother. To watch my baby crying his heart out because his brother just decides he wants to hurt him. Absolutely, indescribably heartbreaking.

We have tried various methods of disciplining him. Telling him a firm ‘no, it’s naughty/it hurts’; removing him from the situation and giving comfort to N; it became so overwhelming that I would really raise my voice at him and shout too – not the best thing to do, I know; removing the toy that he used to hit. None of these worked, he would just go back a few minutes later and do it again and laugh at us.

We finally came to the decision to introduce the naughty step. (I joined the bad parenting club, shoot me now if you must). As soon as he has smacked/pushed etc. then he is told to get on the step, for two minutes. Using the step for this behaviour has made it become much less, though he does still do it so we just need to keep working on it and hope he grows out of it (soon). The problem now is that when he’s on the step, sometimes he’s still defiant and will repeatedly try getting off and still laugh at us. He does know when he’s done wrong though as sometimes he will go straight to the step as soon as I look at him.

I don’t even know how to finish this post either. I am just at a complete loss right now with what seems like no end in sight.

Have you had problems with sibling jealousy/rivalry and how did you deal with it?

Review – Organix Goodies Christmas selection box

Regular readers will know that we have reviewed Organix products a few times before and that we always think highly of them. Organix are dedicated to the “no junk” initiative and Christmas is no different. This year they have this Goodies Selection Box available to purchase as an alternative to one full of chocolate.

Included in the selection box are:
  • blackcurrant & apple fruit stars
  • raspberry & apple fruit moos
  • raspberry & apple soft oaty bar
  • mini gingerbread men
  • alphabet bicuits

So there is a good variety in there with a similar amount to what you would find in a chocolate one, but a lot healthier for them! It is more aimed towards toddlers but I think it would be okay for older babies too, with supervision of course (I will be buying another one for N).
They are full size products of each of the items and they are just inside the box with no excess packaging (which is also a bonus).
There is also a little activity for children, with Christmas pictures to pop out and then stick on a Christmas scene on the box – so really you have 2-in-1 with this selection box. For the price I think it’s a worthwhile purchase if you don’t want them to have chocolate but still want to keep with this tradition as it is a pretty similar price to a chocolate one.

The Organix Goodies Christmas Selection Box has an RRP of £2.99 and can be purchased from Asda, Boots or online at Ocado.

My rating – 5/5

I received this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Family Fever

Elf on the Shelf adventures (days 2-8)

Last week Buddy arrived from the North Pole with a North Pole breakfast for us all, which went down a treat (I’m hoping he leaves some for us on Christmas Day too!). He’s been back & forth since then and after the shaky start, J had enjoyed looking for him every day and seeing what he’s got up to overnight. His first week with us went a bit like this…

Day 2
Buddy knew the cereal J usually goes for so decided he would get in there first…

Day 3
Buddy decided to just hang around watching TV today. It took a couple of minutes for J to spot him!

Day 4
We caught Buddy helping himself to our advent calendar today! This elf is turning out to be rather mischievous…

Day 5
Buddy reports back to Santa every evening but he was caught in the act still on the phone this morning…

Day 6
Buddy decided it was time to watch himself and his buddies!

Day 7
Today was a good day for Buddy to make snow angels! J loved this one and even brought Peppa & George to see.

Day 8
Buddy was left to Daddy as Mummy forgot and he was found riding Daddy’s bike so he had to take the car to work…

Join us next week for more adventures with Buddy!

Project 365 – Week 49 (days 334 – 340)

Day 334 / November 30th
Buddy the Elf arrived from the North Pole this evening to keep J entertained until Christmas!

Day 335 / December 1st
Buddy made us all a North Pole breakfast – we had Christmas tree & snowman crumpets, snowballs, reindeer poo, and he also made us snowman pancakes.

Day 336 / December 2nd
J discovered Buddy tucking into his cereal this morning! (Sorry for the rubbish quality of this one!) 

Day 337 / December 3rd
Someone was impressed with themselves after raiding the cereal cupboard – he obviously wanted in on the action with Buddy!

Day 338 / December 4th
J was a bit irritable today so we made Peppa Pig biscuits whilst N napped.

Day 339 / December 5th
J decided to bring dino to tea today. (Didn’t realise the flash was on with this one)

Day 340 / December 6th
We had a Christmassy day today and J helped me make some more salt dough decorations.

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