Review – Lapland Mailroom personalised Santa letter

Can you believe it’s Christmas so soon?! I don’t know where the year has gone – since N arrived, it’s gone so fast. One thing we’ll be doing next month is writing letters to Santa – well, I’ll be writing them whilst J tells me what he would like, and I think he’ll tell me what N would like too.

Now anyone would think that we’ve written them already, as I already have Santa’s reply letters here (shhh, I will post them so the boys will never know!). They have come straight from the Lapland Mailroom! The Lapland Mailroom has three different letter packages available – just the letter, the letter and an activity pack, or a Baby’s 1st Christmas letter. (Also for a limited time, each letter comes with a free ‘Nice Child’ certificate from Santa). Other than with the Baby’s First Christmas, there are also three different letters to choose from so if you have more than one child they can each receive a different letter, and they can be signed from Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

Once you have decided on your letter, the personalisation process is really easy with lots of options to customise. You then just need to input the recipient’s address and your details and continue to checkout (you can pay by PayPal as well as card).

The detail on the envelope and letter is really authentic and I think children will get so excited when they see it.

The letter itself is quite long so a younger child (and possibly older child) would need help reading it, but it is in such a friendly tone, just as you would expect from Santa! 
The certificate that comes with the letter is a really nice touch which also adds to the excitement, and it’s good for them to know that they are on Santa’s nice list – they can proudly display it for others to see!
For an extra £1 you can include an activity pack which includes lots of colouring for them to do including (amongst others) a Christmas card, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign, and an elf yourself – fun activities for the run up to Christmas (I think I might be doing some of these!).

Overall I think these letters are fantastic to give the feel of the true magic of Christmas. I’m not sure if I would pay £6.95 but this is the first letter the boys have ever had so I don’t really have anything to compare it with.

A standard letter from the Lapland Mailroom costs £6.95, with an activity pack it is £7.95. All letters also come with a free ‘Nice Child’ certificate for a limited time only. They post worldwide and dispatch within 3 days of your order being placed. You can find postal dates here.

My rating – 4.5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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Recipe – 3D Rainbow cupcakes

With little man N’s Naming Day theme being rainbow and a rainbow featuring on his main cake, I had my thinking cap on for some kind of rainbow themed cupcakes to go with it. You don’t even need a piping nozzle for this and it’s okay for it to look a bit messy. They also feature a fab retro sweet! Perfect for any rainbow themed party.

Ingredients (makes 12)

  • 150 g butter
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 150 g self raising flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
Butter cream icing
  • 500 g icing sugar
  • 250 g butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • rainbow belts
  • Preheat oven to gas 4 / 350F / 180C. Place cupcake cases into a 12 hole muffin tin.
  • Cream together the butter & sugar until light & creamy.
  • Beat in the eggs, adding a little flour each time. Beat in the remaining flour and the vanilla until mixture is well combined, smooth & creamy.
  • Divide the mixture between the cases.
  • Bake for 15-20 mins, until a skewer or cocktail stick inserted comes out clean. 
  • Leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes then remove to a wire rack to cool completely.
  • To make the butter cream icing, beat the butter until smooth & creamy. 
  • Add half the icing sugar and beat until well combined.
  • Add the rest of the icing sugar and the vanilla and beat until smooth & creamy.
  • When the cupcakes are cool, take the palette knife and spread butter cream on top of each cupcake. It doesn’t matter if it’s lumpy on there as it gives it a ‘cloud’ like texture.
  • Take the teaspoon and spoon a small blob onto two sides of each cupcake. Again it doesn’t matter if it looks a little messy.
  • Before the icing starts to set, take a rainbow belt – if they are a little long you may need to chop a bit off – and put one end into each blob of icing so it is curved like a rainbow.
  • Enjoy!

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Little man N at 8 months old

I can’t believe N is 8 months old (though I’m a little bit late with this update – blogging hasn’t been at the forefront for me recently). Two-thirds of a year! After Christmas I’ll have to start thinking about his 1st birthday! Time must slow down for a few months now.

I haven’t been to baby clinic for a while for various reasons so I’m not sure how much he weighs (I could have weighed him on our scales but I’ve not gotten around to it yet). I’m guessing it’s somewhere around the 25 lb mark though, going by his previous weigh ins. I mentioned last time that he was still on quite big bottles, but he’s started to cut those down by himself now. He now has 3-4 x 6 oz bottles, sometimes 5 if he wakes in the night – though he doesn’t usually completely finish a bottle so he has a little less than that. He eats 3 meals a day too plus snacks – I’m not really worried about him as he is such a hungry baby but he is moving about a lot now so I know he will level out like his brother did.

He is turning into such a cheeky little chap (still complete with his constant smiles), if not a male diva sometimes! He doesn’t like lying still to have his nappy changed and will lie there screaming the place down until he can move, then when he does he immediately starts laughing & smiling so I know he was putting it on! I forgot how annoying this stage was where they don’t want to be still for nappy changes!

He is still waking in the night sometimes – I would say 50% of the time. Sometimes he will go back to sleep with a cuddle but other times he’ll need a bottle – but even then at times he lies there laughing and shrieking, cue trying to keep him quiet so he doesn’t wake up J!

He is now very confident at sitting, and he’s finally figured out how to sit up himself! He can’t do it straight from his back but if he is laid on his back then he will roll himself around to his side and sit up that way. When he’s laid on his front he will swing his legs around and get up that way. It’s so cute to watch.

On his last update I said that he was on the verge of crawling – he was at the rocking stage. A week or so after that he was off! It was just a couple of crawls forward at first but he soon got up to speed and he crawls over the place now, there’s no stopping him.

He’s taking more interest now in playing with his brother. I think J has been waiting a while for him to do so, but now he is he doesn’t want him to! Though I think that’s mainly because N always wants J’s toys rather than his own, and he still hasn’t gotten used to sharing yet… Though J steals N’s toys too!

8 months old and still no teeth. I think he’s going to have some quite soon though. He has always got something in his mouth – whether it’s his finger, a toy, a teddy, a sock… He will find something! Though he has no teeth, his gums are mega hard so he eats practically anything now as he’s got a good chew on him! He really loves his food – he sounds like he’s having a panic attack if he doesn’t get it straight away! We haven’t really found anything he doesn’t like yet either, which is always a good thing.

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Losing trust

When my mental health is like it is at the minute, I find paranoia really brings itself to the forefront (social media doesn’t help this, but we’re so dependent on it nowadays – especially for bloggers).

Hand in hand with feeling like I’m not good enough and am always doing something wrong, it’s not a great pairing.

Today has been a day where I wonder who I really can trust.

You see things, hear things, from people you thought were good friends.

Banter between people. One of them who you have already lost trust in, anyway.

It could be innocent, but those demons in my head tell me different.

Is that me?

Have I done something wrong?

Do people really dislike me that much?

Should I just disappear?

Maybe it would be better.

I wouldn’t need to be thought of, or discussed, then.

Maybe only in sadness and grief.

From a select few people, that is.

I wouldn’t need to think these thoughts myself.

Go away paranoia, go away loss of self-worth.

Go away, depression.

But the loss of trust, that can stay.

I don’t know who to trust nowadays.

I just don’t.

Project 365 – Week 45 (days 306 – 312)

November 2nd / Day 306
I finally got around to making my Christmas cake today. Just need to give it a regular drink for a few weeks now!

November 3rd / Day 307
We went to a stay & play and activity session again today and J made this bonfire from playdoh, twigs, tissue paper and ribbon.

November 4th / Day 308
I’m biased but I love N’s cheeky smile! He enjoyed his carrot ‘crisp’ snacks, by the look of his mouth!

November 5th / Day 309
We were at my cousin’s this evening for fireworks and I snapped this when we got back, before bed time. J’s hair is crazy! (Though he’s had a hair cut since this).

November 6th / Day 310
I needed to get my #AngelDelightMoments entry in so I made this quick Bubblegum Angel Delight cheesecake.

November 7th / Day 311
It was a day of prep today for N’s Naming Day tomorrow, and I made these rainbow cupcakes to match the rainbow theme (I’ll post the recipe soon).

November 8th / Day 312
Naming Day! I will share more photos from the day on a separate post but at the reception we had a candy cart with toffee/chocolate apples and bonfire toffee, and some soft play for the little ones – both went down a treat!
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