Project 365 – Week 37 (days 250 – 256)

Day 250 / September 7th
Little N sleeping with his hands on hips! (He has always slept on his front in his cot).

Day 251 / September 8th
Cheeky smiles from N!

Day 252 / September 9th
It was porridge fingers for N for breakfast today. He decided to swear at me too, cheeky monkey!

Day 253 / September 10th
Little treat whilst blogging and watching a movie.

Day 254 / September 11th
My first lot of new decor for this year! (Sorry!).

Day 255 / September 12th
A bit of heavy bedtime reading of a book from my author friend.

Day 266 / September 13th
Trying to capture N’s giggles at his brother – not quite managing but there is a cute video of it on my Instagram!

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Our family holiday to Norfolk

You may or may not have noticed that we recently went on our annual holiday. May not have noticed because I had a post scheduled for every day that week so it was business as usual; or may have noticed when I posted my Project 365 and mentioned that we had been on holiday.

Our usual breaks tend to consist of a cottage, usually in Scotland (and then usually the Highlands) but last year we went to Wales. This year though, it was a completely different type of break for me and something that I just knew wasn’t up my street (or boat…). We went on a weeks boating holiday on The Norfolk Broads. Now don’t get me wrong, The Broads are beautiful, but just living on a boat for a week… not for me (that’s a whole other post!). We were also holidaying with my in-laws…

We stopped off at a few places but as we were travelling across the expansive Broads, we didn’t make a full day of anywhere. It was nice to relax though, and J did manage to stretch his legs and have a run around when we did stop – getting him back on board the boat was a whole other story though! We started at Wroxham and travelled most places from Beccles to Stalham before heading back.

We travelled The Broads, we waved at other holidaymakers, we ate out, we got food in, we visited a windmill, met donkeys, played at the park, went swimming, and J got flapped in the face by a fish…

Here are the highlights of our holiday in photos!

Glow on the river on our first night
Waking up to a rainbow
Captain J

Selfie time

The Wherry
‘Southern Comfort’ paddle boat
House windmill
A walk through the woods


Fun in the parks
Fun on the bouncy castle
Fun in the soft play bus
A walk with Daddy
Ice cream

Posing with Grandad and a fish
(Before and after – the fish flapped to get away and got J in the face – he was fine, he was laughing after this – maybe because we were all laughing at what had just happened! One of the highlights! (Mean Mummy)

Family portrait

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

I’m jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet… #JumpForLove

As many of my regular readers will know, in December 2012 I fell
pregnant and then lost our little miracle at 10(+3) weeks gestation after a miscarriage at home. My husband
& I were obviously both absolutely devastated and we just about managed to get through Christmas
after the heartbreak, knowing what should have been. I never thought it would happen to me, that I would be a statistic of miscarriage, and I felt so withdrawn and depressed.

In the new year I discovered Saying Goodbye via Twitter, and Zoe & the team and their posts on there and Facebook helped me so much through the
grieving process. I learned to cope better thanks to the help of Zoe
and the rest of the truly amazing team.

I hope to attend one of the Saying Goodbye
services later this year, to stand and say goodbye to my baby, alongside others who have
also suffered this horrendous experience. But without donations and fundraising, these
services wouldn’t be able to happen and hundreds of people wouldn’t get this chance.

I am terrified, but this is why I am jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet for
our angel, and to represent 1,000 of the 254,000 babies who are lost each year
through miscarriage and still birth.

I need to raise a minimum of £395 to be able to jump (I am still so far off this target), and understandably I really want to do
it so I would like to raise much MUCH more than this as it means so much to me.

So I need your help – please retweet this, share it on Facebook, Google, or even better – donate! I will be very grateful for any size of donation, it all adds up.

Thank you, so so much.

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Little man N at 6 months old

On N’s monthly updates I usually tend to say that the time has gone quick – this month for some reason, it seems to have dragged (no idea why). But, I still can’t believe he’s 6 months old. He’s half. a. year. old! 

He was weighed at 24 weeks and he was 20 lb 6 oz. He is still shooting ahead of what J was at the same age. The health visitor sounded a little concerned about how much he was gaining and how much he was feeding – I’m not worried though; what am I supposed to do, not feed my baby when he’s hungry?! I know he’ll level out when he starts crawling, just like his brother did.

He’s still developing his cheeky personality and still loves blowing raspberries. Though he now makes a tune and sounds a bit like something from Gremlins! He has the most infectious laugh, especially when we blow raspberries on him or when he’s being tickled. He loves his brother doing ‘this little piggy’ with him and lets off such a high pitched giggly squeal!

I think he’s having a sleep regression. He’s started waking up half way through the night – usually between 1 am and 3 am. Sometimes he will go straight back to sleep with a cuddle if he comes in bed with us, but others he will need a bottle to settle him back down.

He’s finally found his feet – he loves sucking his toes (why do babies love to do that?!). He will also hold both of them and lift his bum up in the air up & down – getting some exercise in! J has also been putting his feet in N’s mouth to chew – lovely!

He has come so far with his rolling. He now rolls all over the place – when I go out of the room he will be in one place, when I come back he will be right at the other side of the room. Also, when he laying on his front he’s started trying to bring his knees up. I think crawling may be on the agenda soon!

He is finally mastering sitting up! He can sit unaided but is still a bit wobbly – cue lots of cushions around him. He now gets grumpy when he’s laying down as he wants to sit, but he can’t quite pull himself to sitting position yet so we still have some practice with that, with us holding his hands.

He still has no teeth. I thought he had one coming through a while ago but it must have just been a spot of milk or something (even though I couldn’t get rid of it at the time). His gums are so hard though and it hurts so much when he chomps on our fingers, so I’m hoping one will appear soon.

Weaning has started! I will be writing more about that in another blog post, but we are doing baby led weaning from the beginning with N so it’s all good messy fun – he hasn’t had anything mashed, pureed or from a spoon (yet – it may happen for convenience at some point when we are out and about).

He also had some other firsts when we were on holiday – his first taste of ice cream (I’ll accept the bad parent award [insert chuckle here]), his first time swimming, and his first time on a swing! I didn’t realise this month had been so busy for him!

He looks nervous on the swing at first but he loved it after that.

Not one facing the camera this time as he wouldn’t sit still and was too focused on the card – think I may have to hold it next time!

Family Friday

Weight loss – week 4

Okay, so it’s technically week 5, but I skipped last week because I was on holiday.

So, I said in my last update that I was going to try to be good whilst I was away. That kind of happened. I didn’t eat as much as I would normally eat on holiday, but maybe my choices weren’t great – we ate out and got meals in a few times. But hey, I was on holiday! I did a bit of walking, but we were on a boat a lot of the time so it was when we happened to stop anywhere.

I’m back on it this week though, as I can definitely feel it; I feel so bloated, and look about 6 months pregnant! I was dreading weighing in yesterday but it wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting.

So my week 4 stats:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs
  • target weight – 132 lbs 
  • previous weight – 183 lbs
  • current weight – 191 lbs 
  • weight loss this week – 8 lbs GAIN!
  • weight loss to date – 12.6 lbs
  • weight loss to go – 59 lbs
So oops. I gained just over half a stone. I’m hoping for a half decent loss next week though. 
Watch this space!