As part of PCOS awareness month, I am going to be writing a couple of posts on PCOS and how it can affect individuals. 

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is thought to affect approximately 5-10% of women of reproductive age – so every 1 in 20 to 1 in 10 women. Of these, as many as 30% do not actually have PCO (Polycystic Ovaries) as a symptom (I would be an example of this). Of course this is not a definitive number, as many women go undiagnosed for years. For example, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 24, and this was after 10 months of investigation. Some women can also just have PCO without any other symptom of PCOS. 

There are many symptoms of PCOS, some are visible to other people, some are not. 

  • absent or irregular periods
  • no ovulation/infrequent ovulation
  • high levels of testosterone
  • being overweight or obese
  • excess hair
  • acne
  • depression/mood swings
  • cysts on the ovary/ies
  • infertility
PCO/PCOS is thought to be one of the leading causes of infertility in women. 

What are cysts on the ovaries? 

We all know that cysts are fluid filled sacs. But on the ovaries, cysts form when follicles (where the egg develops) stop growing too early, and instead of the follicles bursting to release the egg, they form cysts.

I think I may have PCOS, what should I do? 

Go to see your GP, and explain your symptoms. If they rule out other problems and agree with you, they will probably send you for tests such as blood tests and an ultrasound scan. If you are then diagnosed with PCOS, you may be referred to a specialist.

Can PCOS be treated? 

Yes it can, both through self help (eating a healthy balanced diet, exercise, managing stress levels, and various hair removal methods for excess hair) and medical help (such as the contraceptive pill, metformin, and fertility medicines such as clomifene (also known as clomid). In other cases, surgery may be required). The thing to remember is that although it can be treated, it cannot be cured. 

Although PCOS has symptoms to diagnose it, PCOS can also cause other things, such as
  • type II diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • depression/anxiety
  • weight gain
  • miscarriage

The good thing is, that infertility caused by PCOS can be treated in many cases, and couples can come away with a perfectly healthy baby. Unfortunately, some are not so lucky. This will be covered in another blog post.

Which symptoms of PCOS do you display? How & when did you discover you had PCOS?

For further information, see these sources: BUPAWikipediaNHS

Fed up of feeling fed up

I know, a few months ago I would have been the one moaning about people moaning that they were fed up with their pregnancies. This is why I am so fed up of feeling like this, because I know I am so lucky and many of you would kill to be in my position and possibly be feeling fed up!

The thing is, I don’t know why I’m fed up, I’m guessing it’s just hormones, as there is absolutely no other reason. Most of you know how long we fought for this moment, and I love our baby so much already, so it is nothing to do with that.

I’ve been bursting into tears for absolutely no reason (I did this nearer the beginning but I knew what the reasons were at that time!), and just really feeling sorry for myself! I think part of it may be  the fact that I don’t “feel pregnant” at the minute because I don’t “look” pregnant, I think I look more fat than anything, and I just want that moment where I can see how much our baby is growing inside of me. I look in the mirror every day and just can’t see any change at all. I have had to start wearing maternity jeans, as my usual jeans were getting tight and uncomfortable, so I know my body is changing, and I’ve only gained 4/5 lbs so I know it’s not mainly because of that. 

I’m sure my husband must be getting fed up of me feeling miserable by now, but I just can’t seem to pull myself out of this and cheer up! I hate feeling like this as I know I should be enjoying my pregnancy, and I am for the most part, but just can’t help feeling like this at the moment and I feel so so guilty. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one?

The Best

This came from another blog, who got the idea from a magazine where they do a “Best of” section where a well-known person answers some questions. I enjoyed reading this over there so thought I would give it a go, why don’t you give it a go too on your blog?! You could even do it on your Facebook page! 

Best Compliment – I think it would have to be a selection of compliments from other people on how much weight I have lost and how much better I look! (I don’t mind them saying that last part as I know I do!)

Best Weekend – I think would have to be our 2nd wedding anniversary weekend in the Lake District, we had a lovely evening by ourselves and then spent the following evening with friends (who I met on a wedding forum) who we met “in real life” for the first time, we had a very fun evening!

Best Kept Secret – It would have to be the first few few weeks of my pregnancy! (Apart from the people on the forum I’m part of, those who saw on my blog and my LTTTC friends I told beforehand – there were still a lot of poeple it was a big shock to!

Best Meal – We haven’t really been to many posh restaurants, but I think it would have be the meal we had at Fat Olives in the Lake District last year! After every mouthful from both of us was an ‘mmm’!

Best Friend – I don’t really have a ‘best friend’ any more, but I do have a few very close friends. If I had to say someone it would be my husband.

Best Book – I only really got back into reading this year, and I can’t remember many books that I read years ago, so none really stick out. So I would say at the minute ‘My Story’ by Dave Pelzer (a trilogy of his first 3 books).

Best Decision – Soppy I know, but agreeing to marry my husband!

Best Job – I haven’t really had that many jobs, only to keep me going through college and Uni, and they were only in pubs etc. so nothing to write home about! I would say the job I do from home at the minute, making & selling cupcakes.

Best Lesson – To never give up on your dreams. Many a time I have felt like giving up but kept pushing, and I’m part way there (When I actually hold my baby in my arms I think I will be able to say I fully got there!)

Best Moment – Apart from getting married, I would have to say finding out I was pregnant! I just can’t describe how amazing it felt.

Best Gift – I can’t think at the moment so will have to say at this moment, probably my first laptop that hubby bought me to go away to Uni with! Bless him!

Best Way to Relax – A nice warm bath with lots of bubbles, candles and a book.

13 weeks (and more fluffy post)

So Sunday was the 13 week mark! Nearing the end of the first trimester and only 27 more weeks to go…

No bump pic this week as it’s not really much different from last week! 

We have a few things to keep us occupied until baby arrives – it’s hubby’s birthday 3 weeks tomorrow, the Monday after that we go on holiday, and then on the Thursday it’s my quarter century birthday! (Exactly a week after hubby’s!) And then in November I’m going Xmas/baby shopping in Manchester with a friend, and then in December we’re going to Leicester for another friends birthday! And then of course we have Xmas (which we are hopefully going away for, to stay with my Mum & Step-Dad if they have moved by then), and then New Year, and then Valentines Day which will be very low key as baby is due the month after! 

I was also very honoured last week, as I was part of the Friday feature on a very good friends blog over at Not Even A Bag Of Sugar! If you don’t follow her already, I would get yourself over there as it is a very heartfelt blog focusing on prematurity (but she does post about other things too) as her amazing, gorgeous baby boy was born at only 27 weeks.

My last thing to add, more fluffy post arrived today, courtesy of Kylie (author of above blog!) who very kindly won a starter pack for us from Baba + Boo. Mainly jungle prints so we are going to have a jungle baby!

So we have a white nappy bucket, a mesh laundry bag, a cow print wet bag, a giraffe nappy, a tiger nappy, a zebra nappy, a leopard nappy, and the Cruella Du Wee which Kylie named and won the competition with! 

12 weeks 3 days “bump” (pic)…

…Or do I just look chubby?! I can’t tell the difference to be honest! (Excuse the moo cow PJ bottoms, the only thing that is comfy at the minute!)

I also bought some baby botty fluff yesterday! (I nearly wrote bum fluff but that just sounds, well, odd!) 

BabyBotBums Stars & Moons
BabyBotBums Jungle Animals

Both baby neutral of course for the time being! And with free delivery over £10 and 15% off I couldn’t resist!

12 weeks

Today is the 12 week mark! Again you could say, as I thought I was 12 weeks on Friday! I would have a (lack of) bump pic to add, but I haven’t managed to get dressed today, oops! So maybe tomorrow or Tuesday…

I also had some really odd dreams during my nap today, one of them I had 4 arms?! I was making a mini trifle and typing on the laptop at the same time?! And the other one, well I’m not telling you that as it is quite embarrassing! Also been waking up a couple of times during the last week screaming and in tears as I dreamed I was being attacked by dogs. Not nice.

Other dreams I have had during my pregnancy so far – that a very attractive celebrity chef was the father of baby! That one was a bit of shock! 3 days before my BFP, I dreamed that someone gave us a baby?! And 2 days before, I dreamed I got my BFP! Dreams really do come true (sometimes).

A letter to my LTTTC friends

Hi ladies,

I just want to say, thank you all so much for being there for me these last few weeks, when I know how much it must have been hurting. I know you are incredibly happy for me, but at the same time I know you must be feeling jealous at times, and that is totally understandable. I’ve been there.

At times I feel guilty, that it’s me and not you, as I know you all want this just as much as I did/do. I really wish I could do something to help you, and many of you know that. 

I am trying my best to be sensitive and thoughtful to you all, which is why I let most of you (so sorry if I forgot anyone!) know privately before I announced it to the world. I know it was a shock, it was as much for you as it was for me. Scan and bump photos will be added to here, so you don’t have to look if you don’t want to. 

It’s been a long, hard, 2.5 years for hubby & I, but we got there in the end – “Good things come to those who wait” – I know for a long time I didn’t believe this, no matter what anybody said, sometimes I still think it feels surreal and worrying that something will go wrong, as we’re just not this lucky to be blessed like this! 

I do truly believe though, that one day, may it be this year, next year, a few years, your dream will come true, whether it be naturally, by fertility treatment, or whether you have to go down these long hard roads, and then the even harder one (from the stories of some of the ladies on the forum I’m a member of) of adoption, if those ones do not make your dream come true. At this point I have to take a quote from one of the ladies on the forum who has been through it all –

“Sometimes your original dream doesn’t work out. But the one that replaces it can be even better…”

P.S. To those of you who have not yet read my blog from the beginning, if you do so, it may help you understand why I have been the way I have over the last couple of years, and how to be just that bit more “helpful” and sensitive to anybody you know who is going through the heartbreak that is infertility, or difficulties in trying to conceive. 

Love to you all,

Stacey xx

Scan time!

Well, after such a long wait we finally had our very first scan! For 2 years and 8 months we had been waiting for this moment! Not got much more to say as I’m still so excited! I thought I was 12 weeks today, but I’m actually 11+5, so not too far behind! EDD 11th March 2012!

It was jumping about all over the place so this was the best she got! 😀 

^^^^ THAT’S OUR BABY!! ^^^^

Our gender scan is the 31st October – I wonder if we’ll be having a little witch or a little wizard!

Booking in with the midwife

Well we had our booking in appt. with the midwife last Wednesday, it went quite well! 

Got there, went through medical/family history, last AF etc., gave us our EDD which is the 10th March – I had it as 9th March, so not too far off, though it will probably change again at our 12 week scan! Then had to do pee sample, took lots of blood from me (ouch!), gave me lots of reading material! Then I had to get my height measured and weighed, to work out my BMI. Well, it turns out my BMI is just on the borderline (BMI 30) to be under consultant led care. So she is referring us back to our FC consultant. Quite happy about this actually as he knows our history etc., though he’ll probably have to be refreshed when we see him! She said though, this means I will more than likely be given extra growth scans, and will be tested for diabetes around 28 weeks. Extra care is good.

Oh, and our scan is on Friday the 26th, so less than 3 weeks now! So excited to see our baby!

Telling the parents

Last week we decided to tell the parents! We were going to do it on Thursday as that was my Mum’s birthday, but she was out all day and away for the night so we left it until Friday.

First we went to the in-laws while we waited for my Mum & Step-Dad to get home. MIL at first didn’t believe us – “Are you joking with me?” “Why would we joke about something like that?!” And then she kind of looked shocked and then started punching the air and chanting “I’m gonna be a Granny!” which was quite funny (it’s her first grandchild)! Then she told FIL (they sit in seperate rooms as he is deaf and wears headphones to listen to the TV), his reaction was “Oh right, well done” and then put his headphones back on! But when we left MIL tells us he was looking at cots 😉

So then we ventured to my Mum & Step-Dad’s, to give her her birthday present and card. I broke it to her by saying “We’ve also got you something else but can’t give it to you until next year…” She couldn’t figure it out so I said “You’re gonna be a Granny again!” (This is her 2nd grandchild but she missed out with my niece as we were stopped seeing her 2 or 3 months after she was born) They were both shocked too, and she even gave me a hug which never happens! lol

On the Sunday we went to tell BIL. Hubby broke it to him. It went something like this. BIL – “so what do ya know?” Hubby – “You’re gonna be an Uncle!” (Which I was shocked at as he was worrying how he was going to tell him, but I suppose that was the perfect opportunity!) He gave us his congrats.

We’re not making a point of telling my brother until later on as there is a bit of history between us, so he can wait. My Dad is a difficult one, of course I want to tell him but I rarely speak to him or see him, which I really know I should do, but it works both ways doesn’t it? We’re going to wait until we’ve had our scan and then go round and say we have something for him. I hope he takes it well.