Little Brian paint sticks | Review

I like doing crafts on my own as I can control how much mess I make – and because I’ve made it, I don’t mind it quite as much. But when they boys mention the word “crafts” or “paint” I die a little inside. To be honest, I’d rather they just kept that part at school so I don’t have to clear up the aftermath! Or end up doing it for them… And then I met Little Brian paint sticks. My. Life. Has. Changed.

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The Wicked Uncle toy challenge | Review

Wicked Uncle challenge review

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the awesome guys at Wicked Uncle to see if the boys had an actual real life uncle who would be willing to take on the Wicked Uncle challenge. There was only one other requirement – the uncle had to have no children of his own. The boys have two uncles, and one has a daughter, so that left the other one! We will call him Uncle Wayne. (As we do in the video anyway!)

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