Help the wildlife in your garden this winter

help the wildlife in your garden this winter

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, all anybody wants to do is stay inside in the warmth, but do we think about the wildlife at this time of year? How do they cope in these cold situations and how can we help? Living in the countryside between a river and open fields, we do get quite a lot of furry – and spiky – friends visiting! All four of us love to quietly watch them go about their business.

Garden specialists, Oeco Garden Rooms, are promoting awareness and sharing some handy tips on how to help and attract the wildlife in your garden this winter. These tips will allow you to give the wildlife in your garden exactly what they need with regards to food, shelter, and warmth. Read more

Why We Should All Be Spending More Time in our Gardens

Why We Should All Be Spending More Time in our Gardens, flowers

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We all the know the benefits of being outside in the great outdoors, however we don’t often hear about the great benefits of spending more time in our gardens. Therefore, today we want to talk about the benefits of spending time in our gardens and the clever ways that we can do just that.

Gardening is a Great WorkOut

Much like housework, we can underestimate just what great exercise gardening is. Practically all the different muscle groups of the body are activated when you garden. Think of all the arm, shoulder and back toning happening when you are digging and raking, for example. As you move around your garden weeding, mowing your lawn, pruning your plants, you are working so many different muscles which can most certainly be considered a great workout whilst keeping your garden looking tiptop at the same time.

Working in Your Garden – Increased Productivity

As life becomes more and more demanding and commutes become more and more arduous, there is no wonder that we have been seeing a huge shift of people choosing to work from home. Whilst more people are choosing to work from home, more people are also deciding to work in their gardens. Putting up timber stables in gardens that function as the perfect home office is a wonderful way to create a homework space that offers total peace and tranquility for when you need to get into the work zone. They are easy to integrate into your garden and are also really easy to connect to your electricity source, so they can be the perfect home working space if you want to work surrounded by nature and total peace and quiet in order to be really focused and productive.

Alleviates Stress

We can all suffer from stress from time to time and we shouldn’t underestimate our gardens as a top place for us to seek a little solace and unwind and relax. Whether you take to your gardens to be sociable with friends, or to relax with a book, the outdoor spaces in our lives can certainly offer comfort and a place to de-stress. Gardening also is a great way to clear your mind of daily stresses and strains as you can concentrate on the tasks around your garden to disconnect from work and other sources of stress.

Family Bonding

Spending time together in your garden as a family, is a great way to enjoy quality time and bond as a family unit. As there are so many distractions within our homes, our gardens can be the perfect place to just sit together, talk, play and generally connect as a family.

A Creative Outlet

Gardening is also a great way to be flexing those creative muscles too. Planning and designing out your garden is a wonderfully freeing way of thinking creatively and carrying out and managing a really creative project. As your garden is your own you can really afford to go to town on anything that you think would really bring your garden to life to make it the perfect place for relaxing, working, playing and generally just enjoying the peace and quiet of being in nature.

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Cost-Effective Ways To Transform Your Garden

It’s easy to neglect your garden, especially during the winter when you won’t be using it as much – if at all. Making improvements to your garden now makes a lot of sense – products are cheaper, and it means you’ll have an incredible new garden ready by the time spring comes around. Home improvements aren’t always cheap, but here are some budget-friendly options that will transform your garden. Read more

Bring Your Garden To Life With Almost No Effort

Bring Your Garden To Life With Almost No EffortPicture Credit

It can be a real challenge for a lot of people to try and keep their garden looking nice. The issue is that, if you clean your house, you can rely on it to stay clean as long as you don’t do anything. But with your garden, it can often feel like you’re rolling a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down again. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to break your back in order to make it into the kind of space where you and your family actually want to spend your time. Here are a few simple tips to help you improve your garden with almost no effort at all.

Furnish it

When you’re trying to make your home into the best possible space, the first thing most people think about it furnishing it. So why not take that idea and just transplant it out into your garden? Companies like Bridgman furniture specialize in high-quality garden chairs and tables that can make any garden into the kind of space that you want to spend time in, rather than just looking at it through the window from inside your house. Of course, you should make sure that you’re looking after the furniture carefully since it’s much more exposed to the elements than any other furniture that you have.

Bring out some color

Bringing color into your garden can be one of the best ways to make it into the most exciting and beautiful space possible, but you don’t need to stop at just thinking about planting flowers. If you’ve got a garden shed then why not give it a lick of paint and make it just a little more interesting? The same goes for the fence around your garden. Rather than just treating these things as purely functional, by making them a little more colorful you’re able to bring a little extra excitement into your garden. Not only that but you don’t have to worry about the color disappearing the way flowers. Sure you’ve got to put effort into the painting in the first place, but after that, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Mow your lawn!

Okay, so this is the one that actually does involve some effort from you. Your lawn is probably the largest part of your yard and leaving it unkempt is going to make the whole thing look untidy and overgrown. Make sure that you make mowing your lawn a standard part of your list of chores just the same as vacuuming and dusting. If you do it regularly and keep it trimmed it’s not even that difficult a job. Letting it grow long can make the whole job much more difficult than it needs to be.

Of course, anything you do to your garden is going to require at least a little bit of effort. However, you shouldn’t see it as some kind of gargantuan task. If you break up dealing with your garden in the same way that you break up the chores around your house, you’re guaranteed to find the whole thing much easier and less stressful than if you keep trying to tackle it all at once.

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Get Your Garden In Order For Autumn

September is a busy time for many. With the children going back to school and getting back into a normal routine after the summer break, it is back to it. But one thing that shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to September is your garden. In many ways, September is a busy time for your garden too. It is that transition time from summer to autumn, where you might need to plant certain things to be ready for spring, as well as weeding and organising to get ready for the rest of the autumn and winter. So if you’ve got a garden that needs a bit of tender loving care over the coming weeks, then here are some things that you can do to get your garden in order. Read more