Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Garden

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to their garden is failing to have a colour scheme. It can be very tempting to simply go colour crazy, adding in every colour of the rainbow. However, when you do this, you end up with a space that looks disorganised and distracting. It will be simply impossible to relax in your garden, which is what a garden is all about, right? With that in mind, let’s look at how you can choose a colour scheme for your garden… Read more

Awesome Garden Hacks For Super Busy Parents

We all want our gardens to look fantastic, but the reality for many households is that not everyone has the time available to keep it in great shape. When you are busy mixing work and childcare, and factor in all the other things that need doing in a modern lifestyle, spending time outdoors talking to your favourite flowers and trees seems wasteful.

The good news is that there are plenty of options available for anyone that wants an attractive garden space but doesn’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves – and needs. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the best hacks for busy parents that will not only help you tend your garden in less time but also give you more opportunity to enjoy it. Read on to find out more! Read more

The Great Outdoor Entertainment Area Guide

The Great Outdoor Entertainment Area Guide

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Even though winter is fast-approaching, there is no reason you can’t start to look forward to the warmer months next year. And if you create an outdoor entertainment area now, you could even use it to soak up any winter sun you are lucky enough to get. In this blog post, we are going to give you some pointers about how to create the perfect outdoor entertainment space, which gives you the freedom to host parties and social events whenever you feel like it. Read more

Before The Flood – Tips For A Waterlogged Garden

Before The Flood - Tips For A Waterlogged Garden


As well as cold weather and lots of ice, the winter months will bring a lot more rainfall than what we have seen over the past couple of seasons. Even though rain is often good for our gardens – after all, our lawns and plants need plenty of water to stay alive – there can often be too much of it in winter, and this can cause some problems, such as flooding and waterlogged lawns. Do you want to make sure that all the coming winter rain doesn’t ruin your outdoor area too much? You just need to use these great tips!

Clear Drains And Gutters

If your drains and gutters haven’t been cleaned out in a while, there could be a lot of dead leaves and other garden waste in them that could cause them to be blocked. Any blockages will make it difficult for water to run out of your garden through the drains and gutters, and could pool in various areas in the garden. Ideally, you need to clean out the drains and gutters around every two months so that water can always flow through them easily.

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Level Off Sloping Areas

If you have a garden that slopes in areas, you will find that water tends to pool at the bottom of these slopes quite easily. So, it’s a good idea to level off these slopes. You could do so by filling in the slope with plenty of soil and earth and then using garden paving slabs to create a patio area. Decking would also work well to help you make a levelled surface.

Aerate Your Soil

The soil in your flower beds should not be too compact. If it is, it won’t let any water penetrate it, and the water will only be able to pool on top of it. Eventually, the water sitting on top of your soil will increase over time and cause significant flooding. Therefore, you need to aerate the soil. You can do this with a regular garden fork – simply use the fork to turn over the soil and allow more air to get into it. All of this extra oxygen into the soil is also a lot better for root growth, so will encourage better growth in your plants and flowers.

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Lay More Drains

Of course, one of the best fixes for your garden to end flooding for good is to lay more drains. This will involve digging up the entire garden, though, which could be costly and very time consuming. Not only that, though, but it will take quite a while for your garden to get back to the condition that it once was, and you will have to spend time replanting a lawn and flowerbeds. But, if you have plenty of time to take care of your garden, then this is probably the best option to prevent flooding for good.

Hopefully, all of these useful gardening tips can help you get your waterlogged garden back to a better condition for good!

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Garden Preparations For Your First Winter BBQ

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Ahh, there’s nothing quite like a garden BBQ to enjoy some quality time with your closest friends and family. Now that the clocks have changed, though, you may think that this opportunity is gone for another year. But the changing seasons needn’t stop your enjoyment. In fact, with the right preparations, an event in the winter could be even better than those summer ones.

Regular readers will remember that we discussed the idea of indoor BBQs in a previous post about giving your garden some winter cheer. Why end it there, though? Cooking on the BBQ stove itself will always produce the best food. In turn, that will ensure the best social gathering.

First and foremost, you need to check that the stove is in great condition. A lot may have changed since you last used it, especially if it isn’t protected from the elements. If there is an issue, experts at James Shields BBQ equipment provide the items needed to get things back to their best. This surely has to be a better option than forking out for a new stove altogether.

The combination of a great BBQ unit and equally great recipes is sure to provide the winning foundations for your winter gathering. However, the quality of your event isn’t solely judged on food. The surroundings are equally important and, frankly, comfort is king.


While a little fresh air on the face is quite pleasant at this time of year, nobody wants to be left shaking in the garden. Garden heaters from Primrose fight back against the winter chill while also providing extra lighting. This can extend the enjoyment into the evening hours, which will make your event a far greater success.

This is also a great time to think about new rattan furniture, blankets, and other small additions. Not only will they go a long way to improving your first BBQ event of the winter season. More importantly, they’ll continue to provide your family with a better backyard for many years to come. Let’s face it; increased garden time will almost certainly enhance your relationship with the home.

Backyard aesthetics are another key aspect to consider. Autumn can bring havoc for the garden’s appearance. Firstly, you’ll want to rake the leaves to restore a sense of control and appeal. Meanwhile, adding a few evergreen plants can work wonders. Even if this simply means using hanging baskets and simple solutions, a better-looking garden is sure to keep you smiling.

Depending on the size and nature of your winter BBQ, you may want to consider additional items. These could include marquees to protect you from the rain as well as garden games and music speakers. In truth, you’ll have a far better idea about the most suitable entertainment for your guests. Just remember that it should be practical for the size of the yard and the time of year.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or NYE party doesn’t matter. When the garden is updated for the colder seasons, a BBQ can be the perfect solution. Once you’ve enjoyed one, you’ll no doubt start arranging the next too!

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