Giving Your Garden Life Insurance

If any of our friends told us they didn’t have life insurance, we would think they were crazy. Surely an insurance policy is the only workable way to take care of any health issues? When you know you don’t have to fork out, you’re more liable to go to regular appointments and look after yourself.

In truth, though, health insurance can do more for us than just covering our medical costs. In fact, applying the logic of coverage like this to other aspects of our lives can be a huge help. This is especially the case in our gardens, where there’s an abundance of living things which need care. If you’d encourage every other living being to get insurance, why not do the same for your outside space?

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A patio makeover

Artificial grass

From the day we moved into our forever home, there was a lot of work we needed to do. Don’t get me wrong, my father-in-law built it up pretty much from scratch; but as he got older and after my mother-in-law passed away, he sort of ‘let it go’ and lost the will. And then, he passed also. But, it meant we got pretty much a blank canvas to build upon. Being a creative person, my head was overflowing with ideas. Especially after living in a flat for the previous five years, I was absolutely ecstatic to finally have not one garden, but three! Read more

Your Most Overlooked Garden Asset

grass in garden

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With Spring just around the corner, no doubt you’ll be thinking about getting your house and garden in shape. There are many aspects to a garden, yet one of the most integral is often overlooked.

The importance of the common garden lawn is in many ways akin to the living room of your house; it’s where you’ll host barbecues and garden parties… play hide and seek… create fun waterslides… and all sorts of other fun summertime activities – yet it is often taken for granted. Read more

A Big Splash: Fantastic (And Not So Fantastic) Reasons To Get A Swimming Pool

swimming pool, girl jumping in swimming pool


If you are looking for extreme ways to shake up your garden, a swimming pool has got to be the biggest change you would ever have! Of course, with a great swimming pool comes great responsibility. The first thing we all think of when a swimming pool comes to mind is long hot summers, lazing by the pool. And if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Lincolnshire, you know that long hot summers aren’t always the most dominant reason to have a swimming pool! But there are some fantastic reasons, and not so fantastic reasons to have one installed in your back garden. Read more

Stop Neglecting Your Garden!

It’s been cold, it’s been wet, it’s been winter. So we can understand why you would neglect your garden a little bit. For one, it’s hard to get things done when the ground is either frozen, or wet through. We’re unfortunate enough to experience more rainy sad days, than happy sunny ones. But, when the weather is good, you need to be making the most of your garden. It might feel like we’re a far cry away from the warmer weather, but at least spring is creeping up on us. And spring is the perfect time for flowers to blossom, and gardens to grow. So to help you stop neglecting one of the most important parts of your garden, here are our tips. Read more