Our December favourites | Parties, crafts, and food

Our December favourites - parties, crafts & food

Knock knock. Whispers.. Is anybody there?

Hello my loyal readers – long time, no speak! Or should that be write? Anyhow, it’s been a while. A very long one. I don’t think I’ve written ‘properly’ for over a month. I had planned to get everything crammed in before Christmas (was it a good one, by the way?), and then have a few days off, but neither of those plans went to, well, plan. But, I’m here now.

I realised when I came to write this that for the first time in 18 months; since I began these in fact, I missed a monthly favourites post. The one being, November. I was planning on doing a joint November-December one, but November seems so far behind now, that I thought I’d just start fresh.
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3 Companies You Can Use To Sell Your House on Your Own

Gone are the days when paying 6% to 7% of the price you got for selling your house just had to be given to a real estate agent as an obligation. This was due to one simple reason: because they helped you sell your house! The good news, however, is that this isn’t a necessity anymore and if you’re in talks of selling your house, it should please you to know that doing so is highly possible without the assistance of a real estate agent – not to mention, you keep the 7% they would take otherwise! Read more

Our October favourites | a birthday, a book signing, and Halloween

Our October favourites - a birthday, a book signing, and Halloween

I really can’t believe it’s halfway through November already; it’ll be December before we know it! And then in the next monthly update I can mention the C word 😉 It seems ages since I wrote our September favourites. Before writing this post I was thinking that we didn’t really do much in October; but looking back through photos for our favourites, I realised we actually did have quite a busy month!

At the beginning of October it was my birthday, and I had a multi author signing that I attended the day after. Then at the end of the month it was half term and we were quite busy having lots of fun; including crafting, soft play, a train ride for a visit to COSMO, autumn walks, and dressing up!
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Rainy Day Ideas To Keep Your Kids Happy This Winter

Rainy Day Ideas To Keep Your Kids Happy This Winter

Another rainy day (image)

After a (mostly) warm summer, the winter months are kicking in, and with it the seasonal weather. The air is chilly, the wind is blowing, and the clouds are ready to burst with cold showers that are sure to send your children scurrying indoors. As all parents know, when you have energetic kids running around the house, you are going to have a huge mess to clean up, as well as the protesting chorus of “I’m bored!” Sound familiar to you? As much as you love your kids, you can’t be blamed if you feel a little exasperated at times. So, we have come up with a few ideas to help. Here are a few ways to keep your kids happy, without you having to watch ‘Frozen’ for the gazillionth time in an effort to keep them quiet. Let’s go!

Send them back to the garden

What self-respecting mother would send their children back into the garden on a rainy day? Well, if your kids are desperate for some fresh air, look at the shade solutions offered by www.supremeshades.com.au. Using waterproof shade cloths, your kids can play in the garden, whatever the weather. Just don’t forget the winter clothing essentials; hat, scarf, and gloves, as you will still need to keep them warm.

Have a day trip

With the wintry weather, you don’t want to be outdoors for long without any shelter. Thankfully, there are sure to be loads of places you can visit which will put a roof over your heads. Take a look online, on sites such as www.dayoutwiththekids.co.uk, and you are bound to find something to do. An indoor play centre, for example, will keep the kids entertained while you have a relaxing coffee in the corner. Or you may choose to broaden your kid’s mind and take them to a museum. Many offer free entry for kids, and there should be activities that everybody in the family can enjoy.

Get in the kitchen

Kids love to get messy, so get them into the one room in the house where a bit of mess is never a bad thing. That’s right, get your kids cooking. Give your kids a wooden spoon each, dress them in an apron, and put them to work creating something as delightful as the dessert pizza we mentioned here at www.staceyinthesticks.com, or get your kids out in the garden to pick some homegrown produce, and transform it into something scrumptious. Want your kids to eat their vegetables? They may be more likely to eat their greens if they have had a hand in cooking something themselves.

Play some board games

Board games are becoming unfashionable these days, especially as video games consoles and tablets are all the rage for kids these days. While large and small screens will keep your kids quiet, you might also want to create a few bonding moments with your kids as well. Have a look at some of the latest board games at www.parents.com/fun/games. There is something for all ages, and the games are at once educational and fun. You will be preparing to buy something for your kids for Christmas no doubt, so these are a great idea if you want to unglue your kid’s attention from the tv and mobile screens this chilly season.

Over to you

You probably have a few more ideas up your sleeve for rainy day activities, so be sure to let us know your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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Our September favourites | Cake, crumble, and kids

September seems so far behind us now; well, in reality it is, isn’t it?! Three weeks behind us in fact. I’ve had so much happening the past few weeks that I’ve only just gotten around to writing our favourites for September. I was thinking I would just skip it this month, but then I decided to just get on with it as I haven’t missed a month since I started in May last year.

Our September favourites mostly consists of food and the boys. Well, they are two of my most favourite things in general anyway, so it’s fitting! September was back to school month, and we also have two family birthdays; The Husband and his brother, at either end of the month.
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