Christmas gift ideas for foodies

It’s just around the corner and unless you’re super organised, you’re probably on the lookout for gifts for the foodies in your family, or circle of friends. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve put together a selection of gift ideas; from ready to eat products that could go into a home-made hamper, to sets where the recipient gets to create their own! You’ll find some non edible gifts in there too, but they’re sure to go down a treat.
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Traveling With Jewelry – How To Keep Your Valuables Safe And Organized

Travel essentials

Preparing to travel requires a great deal of planning and organization. You need your luggage packed and ready, and your tickets and reservations made before the big day. However, if there’s one thing that you might overlook, that’s your pieces of jewelry. If you take your bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other valuable items with you, make sure you get them protected. Here are a few tips to consider when keeping your valuables safe and organized. Read more

What To Look For In The Best Gas Grills On The Market

Every family has a backyard barbecue experience that children and adults both enjoy. Your family bonding is strengthened by choosing the best gas grill so you can prepare the best-grilled foods your family truly love. The happiness and success of a barbecue party comes down to the features and performance of your gas grill.

A standard gas grill is perfectly fine for cooking hot dogs and burgers. However, you need one with a higher temperature range for sizzling steaks and grilling fish. Surely, you want the signature sear marks on the meat?! Indirect cooking is a method of slow-cooking tough or large cuts. This type of cooking is done by placing the meat, like pork or beef cuts, next to the fire and not over it. What are the important things you need to look for when choosing a new gas grill on the market? Let’s find out! Read more

Little Brian paint sticks | Review

I like doing crafts on my own as I can control how much mess I make – and because I’ve made it, I don’t mind it quite as much. But when they boys mention the word “crafts” or “paint” I die a little inside. To be honest, I’d rather they just kept that part at school so I don’t have to clear up the aftermath! Or end up doing it for them… And then I met Little Brian paint sticks. My. Life. Has. Changed.

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