What should you eat for a healthy smile?

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In the era of social media, Instagram pictures and selfies, everybody wants to look gorgeous and have a Hollywood smile. You might agree that a photo of an individual with neglected or missing teeth can be posted only on Halloween. A few years ago many overseas dental destinations were almost a white unknown hole on the map, while nowadays hundreds or even thousands of people travel to Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary to undergo affordable and cheap dental treatment in Europe.  Without any doubt an amazing holiday combined with dental implant treatment in Croatia or Bulgaria is the perfect solution, but you can help your teeth stay healthy for your whole life just by following a healthy diet and a few really simple rules. Read more

Cookhouse and Pub, Rhyl | Review

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During the last couple of years we’ve taken our annual holiday during the summer, but this year we decided to go away over the Easter break. Whilst we usually make a trip to Norfolk, this year we made the decision to visit North Wales instead. With yet another change for our holiday, we often stay in a private cottage but this year we opted for a caravan and spent a week at Presthaven; just a few miles away from the seaside town of Rhyl. Rhyl seafront is currently undergoing a large regeneration project, and one of the recently opened businesses is the Cookhouse and Pub.

We believe bringing good things together makes them even better, from fish and chips or brownies and ice cream to a cheeky gin and tonic.

Along with freshly prepared dishes and delicious drinks, we offer a friendly service and great value.

Cookhouse & Pub, a great place to get together. Read more

How to Save Money on Your Summer Holiday

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The price of summer holidays abroad is on the rise and it is becoming harder and harder to find cost-cutting ways to ensure you still have an amazing time that does not break the bank! Luckily for you, however, we have listed below our top tips on how you can save money on this year’s summer holiday whilst ensuring you still get the awesome relaxing break that you deserve. Read more

How Schools can use Digital Marketing to Improve Their ‘Brand’


Unlike the majority of industries, the education sector has taken longer to catch onto the huge benefits of digital marketing. Whilst schools are not businesses as such, they rely on the right levels of student intakes and a good local reputation to perform well. To be a successful school takes more than good exam results, it needs to be able to attract the next cohorts of students to ensure it stays open.

Here are some ways that schools can embrace the benefits of digital marketing: Read more

Three life situations when I might need cash quick

Three life situations when you might need cash quick

As much as we all might try our hardest to save money for a rainy day or more importantly for life emergencies, there might be a time when all of those emergencies happen at the same time. So far we’ve been quite lucky – if you can say that – that ours seem to spread out through the year, but I do know of people who this sort of thing has happened to. And it becomes so stressful because you just can’t manage without a car, your washing machine, your cooker… And still, it’s another week to go until pay day when you will have the cash.  Read more