5 Conditions Fidget Cubes Could Help Treat

5 conditions fidget cubes could help treat

Are fidget gadgets just a new fad in the market or do they really work? The answer is quite obvious and the curiosity related to it has been stirred up by different controversies associated with fidget cubes and spinners.

The science behind fidget cubes is still misunderstood by many people, who believe it to be merely a children’s toy. However, the success-driven results of fidget spinners and cubes have led them to become the top fidget tools in the market today.

The small size of fidget cubes means you can carry them wherever you go. Fidget cubes and spinners are also effective for treating a variety of psychological disorders.

We will discuss five conditions which fidget cubes can help treat, but before that let’s have a look at how these cubes work.

How do Fidget Cubes Work?

Also known as a fidget box or stress cube, a fidget cube looks like a rolling dice and has six sides. At each side, a small sensory tool is attached. Each sensory tool is different in shape and size from others. Fidget cubes were initially created to distract people from stress. Two brothers, Mark and Matthew McLachlan, created the first fidget cube in a Kick-starter campaign in August 2016, which ultimately proved to be one of the most successful campaigns.

In December 2016, the first line of fidget cubes was released and the response was so overwhelming that researchers started studying the effect of this fidget tool on human minds.

A fidget cube may contain an on/off switch button, rolling ball, spinning disc, gears, joy stick or anything that can be used to keep yourself busy. FidgetCircle have a great guide entitled Fidget Cubes: What are They and Which Cube is For You? Which will give you more information on these handy gadgets and the different models available.

The fidget cube has been launched in the digital age of smartphones, tablets, smart watches etc. Researchers have found that fidget cubes help relieve a large variety of psychological problems that are triggered by stress. Fidget cubes reduce stress by distracting your mind and relaxing stress triggers. Your body relaxes when stress triggers become less effective.

According to The Daily Mail which covered the story of The Fidget Cube Kick-starter campaign, researchers have found a link between keeping our hands busy and creativity. According to the publication, mild thumb-twiddling and toe-tapping can help reduce the risk of diseases caused by stress. It was also suggested that the effect of fidget cubes on our body is similar to the calming effect of clicking a pen.

Fidget Cubes Can Help Treat 5 Medical Conditions

The fidget cube is a highly effective tool to relieve your stress. You can carry it with you anywhere you want, or keep it on your office desk. As fidget cubes target stress directly, it can be used to help treat the following five medical conditions.


A study conducted in February 2017 revealed surprising facts about ADHD in the UK. According to the study, around 3.62% boys and 1.5% girls, aging 5–15 years have ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can affect personal, social and professional performance. This disorder is treated with a combination treatment which includes medicines or stimulants, psychotherapies and behavioural training.

Fidget cubes can be effectively used to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. They can be used in behavioural training, psychotherapies and anger management. Many ADHD centres use yoga, meditation and other stress-relieving exercises and techniques to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Similarly, fidget cubes can be effectively used to relieve stress and anger and for managing the symptoms of ADHD.

Anxiety& Stress

Fidget buttons are designed to stimulate frequent movement, such as gliding, switching on/off or rolling. Fidgeting is often seen as an unprofessional or non-intellectual behaviour; however, fidgeting is an action that stabilises your thought process, improves concentration, reduces stress and boosts creativity. This way, a fidget cube can divert your attention from negative thoughts to positive ones, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Fidget cubes cannot treat cardiovascular diseases directly, but can be used in the treatment of such diseases. Fidget cubes reduce stress and anxiety which is crucial for improved cardiovascular health.


According to the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, the symptoms of ADHD and Autism can be reduced by increasing physical movement which can boost focus. Fidget cubes do not improve the performance of children with Autism; however, these cubes can reduce stress and divert the attention of autistic children away from problematic behaviour.

Bipolar Personality Disorder

Bipolar personality disorder is not caused due to stress; however, stress is one of its most common symptoms. Fidget cubes help reduce stress and relax muscle tension by diverting attention away from stressful thoughts.

According to researchers fidgeting can have a positive effect in the treatment of different medical conditions such as ADHD, stress, anxiety and autism. Hence, fidget cubes are one of the best tools for relieving the symptoms of these mental health issues as they provide many features for fidgeting.

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  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

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May Degustabox contents

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Anyway, what did we get up to during May? Looking back, it was a busy one!
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Bohns syn free rubs & spices | Review

Bohns rubs review

Just one of the great things about Slimming World is the fact I can eat as much lean meat as I like, and not have to worry about counting syns on it. Some ready prepared meats with flavourings are synnable (yes, that is a word in SW vocabulary) so I try to buy it plain and add my own syn free flavourings. Whether it be a pre-prepared spice mix or I mix my own; but recently I was sent some rubs & spices to try from Bohns. They are all syn free too which is great news for Slimming World followers!

Thomas Bohn has been on a quest across the globe and back in a search for the perfect mix of spices and seasoning able to elevate taste to new heights.

He left a boy and came back a man, a slightly heavier man full of the tastes of the finest slow cooked BBQ’s from the land of stars and stripes. Here he discovered the secrets to rubbing butt’s and adding spice to his life and his cooking.

In his experiences, the tastiest and most succulent meat is produced from slow cooking methods with spices, sauces and marinades generously applied giving taste sensations we only seem to experience in restaurants.

Now armed with these recipes learnt on the road and honed in the kitchen, Thomas Bohn brings you a range of rubs and spices guaranteed to add new dimensions to your meats, sauces, vegetables and dips.
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Dreaming of a book-cake cafe Lottoland review

It’s been years since I’ve played the National Lottery here in the UK, and even then I was just an occasional player. The most I ever won was £10, but it’s still a thrill when you do get those winning numbers! My in-laws played every week for years, and not long before he passed away, my father-in-law was quite lucky and managed to bag a five figure sum! The Husband and I were reminiscing recently and said how we should start playing again; you never know when you could actually win big. Read more

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6 simple tips for cooking on a budget

When it comes to cooking, a 3-pronged approach works great: cook often, cook good food, and cook within your budget. The first two are quite easy but the budget is definitely the hard part. What can make a budget more manageable is adopting habits that are not only easy to stick with but also sustainable.

Here are 6 essential habits to help you cook within your budget. Do you practice any of these already?

1. Adopt Meal Planning

It is essential to plan your meals and snacks. You will often hear about why it is so important to have a mindful plan for your groceries and meals, and the reason is that it is incredibly simple but with a huge payoff. If you have a plan, you will be able to create more focused shopping lists, cook smarter, and even have an easier time sticking to your budget. Read more

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Five tips to quit smoking

Five tips to quit smoking

Personally, I’ve never been a smoker, but I know many people who have been, or are still are. I would say around a third have quit smoking, or at least tried, at one point or another. The Husband is an ex-smoker – he’s been off the cigarettes for almost seven years now, I think!

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to quit, and his was a no brainer really – if we wanted a referral for fertility treatment, they had to go. We walked out of the doctors, and his pack of cigarettes went straight in the bin. I won’t say it was straightforward from there, because it wasn’t, and he did have a few blips. So not from my personal experience, but I do know how hard it can be to quit.

Here are five tips to help with giving up the cigarettes:

  1. have a strong support network
    – make sure there are always people around you who know what you are doing, in order to remind you why you are doing it. Leading on to…
  2. think of your end goal
    – what are you quitting smoking for? The same reasons as The Husband, mentioned above? To live a longer life for your children? Never lose sight of your end goal.
  3. chewing gum
    – replace the cigarettes with something else; something else not addictive, of course! The Husband replaced his with chewing gum, or mints.
  4. electronic cigarette from Simply E Liquid
     many people I know have replaced their tobacco cigarettes with e-cigs. You can get all sorts of flavours!
  5. fidget spinner
    – if it’s the issue that you need something to do with your hands, then how about a fidget spinner? You can bag yourself one by clicking on the image below!

fidget spinner giveaway

Giveaway terms & conditions
UK only.
Aged 18 or over.
Expires 12th June 2017.

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Spicetastic chicken & potato curry | Recipe (Slimming World friendly)

Chicken and potato curry

I love a good curry, and my slow cooker chicken curry seems to be mighty popular amongst Slimming World followers! I’m guessing, because it’s quick and easy, and you can just put it on and forget about it. I do like to cook a curry on the stove sometimes though; the smells that fill my kitchen from the spices are just delightful.

This particular chicken & potato curry recipe involves grinding of spice seeds; you could just stick them in a mini hand blender, but doing it by hand with a pestle & mortar equals extra body magic! Kind of 😉 Also, this recipe is completely guilt free as it contains zero syns.

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