Stranger Things – 5 Common Items And 5 Uncommon Ways To Use Them On Your Trip

I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like travelling. While not everybody is a globetrotter, people often like to go and see something different and have fun along the way. However, most travellers don’t like packing. When you think about it for a second, it is a tiring and dull activity. This is even more obvious if you have kids, as well. Because of that, you need to learn how to use some common items in unusual, yet practical ways. In this article, you can read more about the multifunctional things that will make your trip easier.

Dental floss on the go

dental flossSource: Freepik

People travelling by plane need to undergo all sorts of security checks at the airport. That’s why it’s recommended not to pack any potentially dangerous things, such as knives or scissors. Still, you might need something for cutting during your stay, especially if it’s an outdoor trip.

A roll of dental floss can come in handy if you need to slice an apple, cut a piece of cheese or other any other food. Since dental floss is durable, you can use it instead of a broken shoelace or tie parts of a tent. Finally, you can use dental floss to clean your teeth before you go to bed, as well.

Clothesline for travellers’ privacy

Young people often visit several places per trip. That can be expensive if you stay at hotels. That’s why such travellers usually stay in hostels. While they’re affordable and practical options, they don’t offer as much privacy as hotels.

Packing a small, home-made clothesline can turn your part of the hostel room into your very own place. Just stretch it between two bed posts or between a window and a wardrobe and you’ll make yourself a nice dressing room. Also, if a handle breaks on your suitcase, you can tie a clothesline to it and drag your suitcase. Last, but not least, you can use it to dry your clothes.

Travelling under (the) cover

pashminaSource: Freepik

You can never bring enough covers when you’re on the move. Sometimes you’ll need a scarf, other times a sheet will be enough, while there will be times when you’ll need a blanket. Bringing a pashmina with you covers all your needs for a cover. It can be used to keep yourself warm or as a fashion accessory. What’s more, you can use it instead of a blanket.

Just like they prefer hostels to hotels, young people often look for flight discount codes to save money on the go. Since baggage is sometimes restricted at such flights, having a pashmina by your side can have more functions along the way. For instance, if your flight is delayed and you have to spend a few hours in the airport lounge, you can cover yourself with a pashmina. Also, you can use it to cover your plane window or cover your eyes when you want to fall asleep.

A safer trip with a paper clip

People usually carry a package of handkerchiefs in their pocket. They often leave small paper debris in the pocket. Then you put mobile into that same pocket and unintentionally clog the charging port. Once that happened to me when I was camping in the woods. Although I had a power bank, I couldn’t remove those tiny paper bits from the port. Luckily, a friend of mine had a paper clip. I straightened one part of it and cleaned the port.

Apart from cleaning a clogged charging port, this item can be used to clean a hairbrush or unclog any other tiny hole. It’s a great bookmark and a money organizer, as well. Just put one or two clips into the pocket on your toilet bag. You’ll be surprised how many things it can repair.

Skin gel for the entire body

skin gelSource: Freepik

On some trips, you’ll be able to carry all your hygiene and beauty products. However, sometimes you physically can’t bring everything you need and you want to stay healthy during your trip. This is where skin gel comes on stage. Although it comes in handy for hands and arms, you can also use it to soothe painful and dry feet after a long walk.

It can also be used as a moisturizer, to keep your face fresh. In case a mosquito bites you or you cut yourself, skin gel will alleviate the itch and the wound. Also, you can apply it on your head after a long day in the sun to soothe the scalp.


Being able to bring everything you need for your trip without packing the entire home is a true art. Bringing the items that can have several different functions is a great way to become a packing artist.Not only that they will save the space in your suitcase, but they might also spare you some additional security checks.

As you keep learning about other uncommon functions of common items, you’ll be able to pack even fewer things in the future and make your travels even more comfortable.

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