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As I’ve been a stay-at-home mum ever since Jacob was born, we’ve never really had the need for childcare for working hours; as I’ve always been there. Of course, both boys have gone to either nursery or pre-school once their government funded hours have become available; but obviously these are only for so many hours a week. Noah still only attends for a half day, two days a week, and two full days.

Since I’ve started working from home I do find it difficult to concentrate and be productive when I still have Noah here (and both boys during the holidays!). The main work related issue I have is when I am invited to attend events and meetings; I often find it difficult due to pre-school hours and no other childcare so usually have to decline.

Family may have just made my predicament a whole lot easier to manage. I have heard of before, but I’ve never actually had a look at the site as I didn’t realise it was free to join! As soon as I discovered that, I immediately set up a profile and had a browse of childcare providers in my area.

It’s really easy to register on the site; all they need is your basic contact details and you’re able to register for free. Once registered, you can complete a more detailed profile including adding a photo and your childcare requirements.

Searching for childcare

I was really surprised at the different types of childcare providers I was able to search for. Rather than just holding details of childminders and babysitters, there are also options to find nannies, au pairs, maternity nurses, private tutors, and still more!

Search on

I really like the ability to filter your search by over 20 options. These include weekend childminders, Ofsted registered childminders, and importantly for us with Jacob’s issues, even childminders with special needs experience.

Each childcare provider has a detailed profile which they have completed themselves, so it feels like a really personal experience. It’s impressive how many childcare providers there are within my area; more than I expected, for sure!

I am now confident that if I need to attend a meeting or event and I have no other childcare, I can easily find someone to suit my needs on

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