Reliving my childhood holiday memories

Tenerife holiday memories

I’ve been abroad a few times – mainly travelling by boat or road – but I’ve only ever been on an aeroplane once. I remember the exact date I went because it was the date of an event that happened in September when I was a teenager, in 2001. But let’s not be somber here; it was one of my favourite holidays that I can really remember, and the destination was Tenerife. Ever since, I’ve always wanted to go back.

I’ve written previously about how I would love to take the boys on overseas adventures at some point in the future; I know Jacob especially would love to go on an aeroplane. We live right under a flight path so we’re always having discussions about where the people are flying to on holiday – usually, according to J, it’s England! 😀 

Tenerife is one of the first places I would love to take them to, so I can relive my holiday memories with my family by my side. When we do finally have our first family holiday abroad, one of the places I will check out to get a good deal is . I could spend hours looking for the perfect holiday!

I do have some embarrassing teenage photos that would have gone well with this post, but I can’t find them right now (what a shame 😉 ); but I am going to share some of favourite memories. Bearing in mind it was around 17 years ago when I visited!

Loro Parque

Loro Parque (Spanish for “parrot park”) was one of my favourite memories from this holiday to Tenerife; I remember taking a coach trip for this excursion. As a family we love visiting animal parks, farms and the like, and I especially loved the beautiful parrots here.




One of the little known facts about me is that I can’t swim – one of my big regrets, but I used to hate swimming at school and would pretend to be ill so I didn’t have to do it… Anyway, I digress. Being on a holiday with three other teenagers, it was inevitable that we would visit a water park, especially with staying in a hotel opposite one! With being a non-swimmer, I obviously didn’t do any swimming but I do remember that there was a lot of fun stuff to do; like the huge water slides and especially the lazy river!

Water park


Dolphin & whale spotting

Another excursion I remember is going on a catamaran, dolphin & whale spotting. We were very lucky that we did spot some and they swam beside us – it was pretty amazing, a definite favourite holiday memory. At one point the catamaran pulled up near the shore for people to have a dip in the sea; once again, non-swimmer alert, I stayed on board but everyone else had fun!



What are your favourite holiday memories?

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