Using Your Garden To Unwind? Here’s How To Create a Tranquil Outdoor Space

Those of us blessed with outdoor space to relax in should definitely make the most of them, as they can be a fantastic place to sit, eat, sunbathe and even play. However, to utilize them to their fullest potential it’s important that such an outdoor space is dealt with correctly. Read on to find out how below.

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Cut back the overgrown jungle

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The first task to get done when you want to create a tranquil, relaxing outdoor space is cut back all the plants that have become overgrown. If you work regularly in your garden, you may not have too much of this to deal with. Perhaps just the removal of the odd tree or plant where they are doing nothing to serve the design as a whole.

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However, if you have let your garden become like an overgrown jungle, you truly may have your work cut out for you here. To help you remember that garden work is very intensive, so it’s best to set aside a couple of days to get each job like cutting down bushes or weeding overgrown beds done. Then you can pace yourself and you won’t feel like you have been through the wringer when you have finished. You can also get some telescopic tools to use. As their long handles reduce the need to bend down so much when pulling out plants and weeds that are unwanted.

Another option is to employ someone to help you with the heavier or more skilled work like cutting back tree branches, building walls, and putting up shade sails. As it’s always best to let the professionals do their thing where heavy lifting and safety are involved.

Yes, this part of the process can be slow work. But, as you begin to cut back the overgrown areas, you will see start to see that the true shape of your garden will be revealed. Something that will provide you with the perfect blank canvas to start to create a tranquil outdoor spot for relaxing in.

Remove the rubbish

Well, almost perfect, that is. As before you can start to verify the garden, you will need to get rid of all the waste the cutting back has created. Luckily, there is a lot of garden trash like grass, weeds, and plants that can be taken to a green recycling facility. There can be mulched down into compost. A natural product that acts as a fertilizer, helping new plants to grow, because it contains so many nitrates from the decomposed bodies of the old ones.

To dispose of all this garden waste, you could hire a van, as this would allow you to get it all done in one go. You could also hire a company like, as they specialize in professional recycling and trash removal. So they can handle all the trips to the rubbish dump. Freeing you up to spend time and energy on designing and creating your tranquil outdoor space.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Although, do remember that creating this tranquil space is something that you will have to think carefully about and plan for. As the most peaceful areas are often well crafted to be that way.

Of course, there is plenty of places you can get some inspiration from including famous gardens like the Zen garden in Shofuso in Philadelphia, magazines such as and helpful online blogs, like


Remember too, to focus on the use of space, with less most definitely being more for a calmer atmosphere. Don’t try and cram in every last little thing. Instead, choose a water feature like the examples at, or an outdoor dining area. Then make this the focus on the entire design. Planning the plants, and flowers to draw attention to and frame this the central concept.

Also for a tranquil space include comfortable seating, that blends in with the design scheme, like stone benches or wooden log seats. You can even consider including elements that appeal to all five senses, as this can be particularly relaxing. To do this successfully find plants with specific textures, tastes, and fragrances, or use certain plants to attract wildlife whose call your find relaxing, such as birds, or bees.

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Above all remember to not create something that takes more of your time being tended than you get to enjoy it. As, after all the reason for creating a tranquil outdoor space is so you can revel in the joy of it. Something that toiling all day every day to get it perfect will prevent you from doing.

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