The Crackin’ Egg Co. | Review

The Crackin' Egg Co. review

A post about eggs. I know, really random, right? But in our house, we love eggs, and we can easily go through a dozen or more a week! We loved scrambled or poached eggs with our brinner, a fried egg in a sandwich, and most of all hard boiled eggs with a salad or just for a quick snack to keep us going. With me doing Slimming World too, I can eat as many as I like so we do go through a lot.

It’s often at the last minute I think, “Ooh, I just fancy a boiled egg with my salad”, but then I haven’t pre-boiled any and I’m too hungry to wait any longer – which is where boiled eggs from The Crackin’ Egg Co. come in handy!

“The Crackin’ Egg Co was launched in 2013 when, after years of enjoying the humble boiled egg our founders, husband and wife Rob and Rachel Shaw had a Eureka moment to bring a brighter, more egg-citing future to the simple egg… and so the idea for Crackin’ Eggs was born– brightly coloured hard-boiled eggs cased in a 100% natural coating and served with a side of flavour. Sealing in all the goodness and keeping them fresh for a whole month.”

The Crackin’ Egg Co. eggs are low GI, low carb, and gluten free so great for the health conscious too. As well as being sold in a pack of 6, there are also packs of 2 available with three different flavour sachets – Sweet Chilli, Salt & Black Pepper, and Sour Cream & Chives. I love the packaging and they all come in a different colour coded shell too which I loved for the fun factor.

The Crackin' Egg Co. review

I did find the shells a little hard to peel and the coating did leave a speckled colour on the eggs, but the coating is natural so that didn’t bother me much. The eggs were absolutely beautiful inside though, such a bright yolk trademark of a free range egg, and still slightly soft too and melt in the mouth too which is my favourite way to eat them. I liked all of the flavour sachets, but I am a sweet chilli lover in general so that one was my favourite. I found these sachets great to use for adding more flavour to my salad too.

The Crackin' Egg Co. review The Crackin' Egg Co. review

Overall I think they are really handy for keeping in the fridge for a snack, to take to work, on a picnic, even putting in a packed lunch for school, though I probably wouldn’t use the flavour sachet in this instance. The Crackin’ Egg Co. do produce a crackin’ egg!

My rating – 4/5

I was sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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