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Regular readers of the blog will have figured out that I like photos up around my home, and my friends and Instagram followers will know that I take a lot of photos too. As we’re a bit pushed for wall space living in a small flat, I like to find other ways of displaying my photos – for example a collage in one frame – but with photo magnets you can utilise the fridge and admire your family every time you go there too! (Not that I will use that as an excuse to eat more… *chuckle*). PicStick have brought this idea to life and I had the chance to review some photo magnets from there.

It’s really easy to create your photo magnets. Once you have created an account you can get get straight to uploading your photos for your magnets. PicStick allows you to upload from your computer or connect straight to Facebook or Dropbox and simply choose from there. For each photo you choose, you can crop and rotate them to fit the magnet – there are guidelines to help you get the best fit. Once you’ve taken forever to choose your photos (if you have as many as me) and create your magnet sheet, you simply add to your basket and create another one, or check out which is easy to do via card or PayPal.

Considering delivery is free, my magnets were extremely quick to arrive as PicStick aim to print and post them within one working day of your order being placed. My magnets arrived in a hard envelope which is always good with products like this to avoid them getting damaged. The photo magnets come in a sheet of nine, ready for you to take apart and stick on your fridge. In fact, as they are magnetic they will stick to any metallic surface and not just your fridge. The magnets are really easy to take apart; you just need to fold them over slightly and they will tear apart with ease, also leaving a smooth edge. The magnets are also thick so quite durable to toddlers who can reach them…

The photo quality itself wasn’t as good as I was expecting it to be, but my photos weren’t top quality to start with as they were just taken on my smart phone. I thought they looked a little grainy. Nevertheless, they are good enough to be displayed on the fridge and unless you really inspected them then you wouldn’t really notice. The magnets work out at just over £1 each so I’m not sure I would buy them for myself but I would definitely consider buying them as a gift as I love seeing them on my fridge every time I go into the kitchen.

A sheet of nine photo magnets from PicStick is £9.50, with free delivery all over the world! My readers can also get 25% off by using the discount code EASY25. 

My rating – 4/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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