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As my regular readers will most likely know, we formula feed N now. When formula feeding, if you follow most recent guidelines then you will know that you are supposed to make bottles up as you go. This can be difficult when out & about as if you take a bottle with water in to add formula to later, then the bottle may just be cold when it comes to feeding time. And during night feeds you have to wait for the kettle, then cool the bottle down to the correct temperature, all whilst you have a hungry screaming baby. With the Myyfeed, this needn’t be the case any more.

The Myyfeed is basically a bottle warmer (note that it can only be used with Tommee Tippee bottles), but you can also keep your formula in the attached compartment so it’s ready when you need it and you can make your bottle at the click of a button. As it has its own formula compartment you don’t need to carry around a separate powder container, you have all you need in one product. This bottle warmer keeps water warmer for a lot longer as rather than being insulated, it’s actually a flask.

As N now sleeps through the night and no longer has a night feed, we have only used the Myyfeed when out & about but I’m almost certain that it would be exactly the same experience. Upon using the Myyfeed for the first time it does look a little complicated but once you have read the instructions and done it once, it is pretty straightforward.

To use the Myyfeed:

  1. Fill the container of the formula powder compartment with as much as you need – it holds up to 9 scoops.
  2. Place the compartment lid on the container.
  3. Place the compartment onto your bottle filled with the correct amount of boiling water.
  4. Place your bottle in the Myyfeed flask.
  5. Place the top of your bottle (teat/lid) in the lid of the Myyfeed flask.
  6. Place the Myyfeed lid onto the flask and screw tight.

When you’re ready to use the bottle, simply remove it from the flask, push the button which releases the formula and shake to mix as normal, finally replacing the Myyfeed formula compartment with the bottle teat.
The only thing I found difficult with the flask is that the lid takes a little coaxing to fit on properly. It feels a little like you are cross threading and you just have to get the knack of it. I would also say that this flask does keep the water warm for rather a long time straight from boiling, so if you know your baby is going to want a bottle sooner than the time recommended on the box then let it cool a little before putting in the flask otherwise you are waiting for it to cool down when you take it out, which counteracts one of the reasons for using it in the first place. Obviously it is also rather large as it has to fit a bottle inside, which is worth bearing in mind when wanting to transport it. That aside, this is a really innovative item for use during days out and night feeds and we will be using it again and again. Even if you are only using it for a year when baby is having formula during night feeds or regularly out & about then it is worth the investment. 
The Myyfeed can be purchased from Amazon or Argos for £19.99.

My rating – 4/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.
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  1. I like the idea that the formula powder is contained in the same pot – we used to use the containers that sat inside the bottle, and found that so useful. Great price too, it would be so handy for night feeds! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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