Project 365 – Week 24 (days 159 – 165)

June 8th / Day 159
N has finally started pushing himself up with tummy time and today J decided to show him his laptop – “Look N”, he says.

June 9th / Day 160
It was a very rainy day today and J wanted to jump in puddles. (Excuse the weeds, it’s a shared courtyard and they really need sorting out!)

June 10th / Day 161
J has started drinking smoothies from his big boy cup – looking proud of himself! He loves smoothies, he’s always asking “More smoovie”.

June 11th / Day 162
I was snapping photos of N whilst J was sleeping after nursery, I love this one.

June 12th / Day 163
A lovely flower I spotted on our walk home from the supermarket.

June 13th / Day 164
J never had a Bumbo but we have acquired one for N – J has decided to use it too, and I’m surprised he actually fits in it!

June 14th / Day 165
N is 15 weeks old today – big smiles!
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