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I’m one of those people that takes their phone pretty much everywhere with them, but also sometimes accidentally leaves it in reach of little hands (who has a habit of throwing things around!), so a decent sturdy phone case is a must. When I was offered a case to review from Mr Nutcase I was happy as I also love personalised items, especially those which I will use often. 

Mr Nutcase offer cases for Apple, Blackberry, Google, HTC, Samsung, and Sony mobile phones, all starting at a price of £14.95 (whilst flicking through the models I also notice they do cases for tablets, starting at £24.95). There are two types of case to choose from – Ultra Lightweight Slimline, or Executive Flip Leather Style. I reviewed the Lightweight Slimline case. 

The ordering process is simple with various options to make your case unique to you. If you don’t wish to personalise it with a photo, there are many of their own designs to choose from, such as textures, patterns and animals. I opted for my own photos though. If you choose to use your own photo(s), you can then choose a layout, of which there are also many – you can use one photo, four, or even sixteen! You could even have a collage in a heart shape. I went for one of the circle options though. As there were so many layouts to choose from, I took a long while deciding on what I wanted on there. At first I was thinking about a family photo, but then baby wouldn’t be on there; then I thought a photo of little man, but baby also wouldn’t be on there; so in the end I went for this option:

It has both little man and baby on it! (The top 3 photos are little man, the bottom 3 are baby). I thought it would be lovely that I would also be able to carry those special moments around with me. 

Once you have uploaded your images, you can then adjust the size (which it also prompts you to do which I thought was a good thing) so they fit inside the area, as what you see is what is printed. You can also add text, clipart, and change the background colour. When you get to the basket you still have the option to edit your case. Delivery is free worldwide with next day dispatch, and if you like their Facebook page you also get a free screen protector! Payment must be made by card which is fine, but I think the option to pay via PayPal would be handy too.

As for the actual case. It arrived in a bubble envelope which was a step to prevent it getting smashed or broken as it is plastic, though I think in a cardboard envelope would have been better just for that extra protection – mine arrived okay though. It is described as lightweight, which it definitely is, but it is also quite thick plastic. The print quality is better than I expected as ultrasound photos can be quite grainy (though I did think of that), but even the smaller bump photos are very clear. The case is very easy to get both on & off my phone – I have found with some cheaper cases that I actually have to stick something between the phone and case to prise it off! Little man has hold of it and thrown it once (!) and everything stayed intact. Overall, I think for the personalisation options, delivery, and the ease of use that £14.95 is a good price and I would be happy to purchase again – it would even make a great gift! 

My rating – 4/5


I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thought & opinions are honest & my own. 

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  1. I love the idea of the personalisation – useful when so many people have the same handsets!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week.

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