Live Below The Line – Day 2 #livebelowtheline

Day 2 of the challenge. I went to bed on an empty, hungry stomach last night. Remember me saying that this is the way billions of people go to bed – it is really not a nice feeling. Usually I would grab a quick biscuit or something, but I don’t have any in my budget this week! I woke up around 2.30am with a mega rumbling belly. I eventually managed to get back to sleep. When I woke up for the day though, I had a pounding headache. I’m guessing this is from the lack of food, though I am drinking plenty of water. 

Breakfast – 10.15am:

  • 2 slices brown bread = 4p
  • 20g cheese spread = 8p
  • TOTAL = 12p

This is probably similar to what I’d normally have anyway, other than cereal with milk. 

Lunch – 3pm:

  •  vegetable cup soup = 5p
  • 1 slice brown bread =2p
  • TOTAL = 7p
I was actually very surprised, the soup was rather quite tasty! I think I’ll buy some of these for future when I want something quick. 

Dinner – 6pm
  • 1/2 jar curry sauce = 9p
  • 100g rice =  4p
  • 2 chicken portions = 34p
  • TOTAL = 47p

I had been looking forward to this ALL day! It tasted like the best meal ever! The cheap curry sauce is actually quite nice, tastes a bit like the chip shop stuff. I tend to make my own curry sauces usually though. 

I haven’t had a snack today, if I do it’ll probably be a slice of cheese spread on toast (and I’ll update this post with the new total)

TOTAL for the day = 66p

Today has been a little easier than yesterday, now I knew what to expect. I could not do this every day though, and it makes me extremely sad for the billions of people who have no choice. 

Tomorrow will be the hardest day yet, when we are elsewhere for dinner, and the others will be having cheesy garlic bread – one of my favourites! I’ll be taking some cheesy pasta with me though. 

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