16 weeks

Yesterday was my 16 week mark! 

Gosh, that came around quick! Only 24 more weeks to go, I so want to meet our baby but of course I want him/her fully cooked first, and I still want to enjoy the rest of pregnancy. Bump is slowly expanding, I’m being quite vain and every time I pass a mirror I have to have a quick look to see if it’s grown any since the last time! Oops!

We’re taking bump on his/her first “kind of” holiday a week today! “Kind of” because he/she will be there but not quite know it! We’re going all the way to Haven Devon Cliffs in Exmouth, which should be a lovely 5 hour drive from here with me needing the loo every half an hour! It’s my quarter century birthday while we’re there, so hubby is going to treat me to a couple of spa treatments. Oh yes, it’s only a caravan park but it’s 5* and has its own spa you know! Plus, I haven’t been to Haven and seen Rory since I was teeny, I’m so excited! 

2 thoughts on “16 weeks

  1. Oh no you will need to download the app that tells you every public loo between Scunthorpe and Exmouth. I remember making Corey drive to Tesco on the way to work so I could wee! And the infamous time we got stuck in the snow and I had to walk several hundred yards across a snowy field to find an appropriate tree to pee behind! Pampering in pregnancy is good, you enjoy it and don't wish it away! I only had 11 weeks to go at this stage! Ha!

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