Congratulations, she said

For a few months now on fakebook, I’ve been avoiding saying congratulations to people and commenting on/liking their bump/baby photos. Mainly because I’m insanely jealous of them and just couldn’t bring myself to do it as I wish it was me. But I’ve now realised how harsh this has been of me, and one of my resolutions is to rectify this. It’s not their fault I’m broken and can’t make a baby (at the minute), but it’s like I’m taking it out on them (well, not like, it is taking it out on them). 

But they deserve to be happy, and me be happy for them, as it’s messing with my head. I can’t go through the next few months like this, it’s always going to be staring me in the face and I just can’t avoid it. I would expect the same for me, so it’s only right. 

So today I took that first step and said it to somebody, and I’m feeling quite proud of myself, as it has been an underlying problem with me for the last few months that has been so hard to deal with, but I need to deal with it, for my own sanity and that of my husband. 

So, to all you mums-to-be who I haven’t said congratulations to (or the like), congratulations. (Although most of you won’t be reading this, I should probably go and say it to you personally…)

One thought on “Congratulations, she said

  1. I strongly believe in positive energy, no I don't sit under a pyramid and read tea leaves and have crystals hanging everywhere, or wear tied dye skirts with bad sandals.

    But I do think harbouring negative energy and emotions is unhealthy and that when karma flows it comes back at you.

    I felt like you did for many years, and it ate me up inside, I used to die inside when friends had kids and distance myself.

    Then I realised I was only making myself miserable (and being a bad friend)

    Yes its hard, its harder than you can ever imagine, but you need to keep yourself sane, and you still need to be a nice person. Or you will become a sad, lonely person surrounded by cats, trapped in your flouse 🙂

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